Muck: Day 0 Guide to Power-ups

This guide will show you a simple pro-strat to getting a headstart in Muck.   EZPZ DAY 0 SQZY This guide will teach you how to get power-ups right out the gate of a new game. It is crucial these steps be completed on day 0! Step 1: Start a new game. Step 2: Grab rock. Hit […]

Muck: How to Make a Flying House

Tired of mobs breaking down your house? It does not matter, now I will tell you and show you how to make a flying house and a safe house from annoying enemies. This bug I found, playing with a friend.   What do you need for this? To get started, you need at least a […]

Muck: All Powerups with Numbers

Here is a full list of all Powerups with numbers.   Health and Armor Red Pill – HP amount is increased by 10 per 1 item Blue Pill – SHIELD capacity is increased by 10 per 1 item Broccoli – HP regen is increased by 10% per 1 item. Dracula – HP amount is increased by killing mobs Dracula stacks explanation: For example: You have basic 100 hp and 5 draculas. […]

Muck: Secure Bases Guide (How to Build)

Are you getting bored of having the big Chunks and lower mobs destroy your base and chests over and over? The solution is simple, the idea is easy, doing it requires not a lot of skill, only a bit of speed.   Secure building It’s really easy: build in the air so high no chunk […]

Muck: How to Craft the Chunky Hammer

Here’s a quick guide showcasing how to make the Chunky Hammer, aka the best weapon in the game (for now)   How to get the materials To get the hammer handle and the chunkium , you need to defeat the boss called Big Chunk, and depending on your luck, it may drop either a hammer […]

Muck: How to Deal With BIG CHUNK

this guide probably helps you defeat BIG CHUNK by yourself in the best game ever (MUCK)   Who is BIG CHUNK? BIG CHUNK is a really CHUNKY boy that does a lot of damage and really hurts. he usually spawns at the sixth night or something around there. He’s really fat BIG and looks like the normal […]

Muck Basic Controls

Muck is a survival-roguelike. Collect resources, find items & build a base to survive for as long as you can. here is the basic controls for the game. enjoy it.   Muck Basic Controls W = Move forward A = Move left S = Move Backwards D = Move right Space = Jump Shift = […]