Murder in the Hotel Lisbon – Walkthrough and Achievement

Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a videogame inspired by the classic point and click adventures from the 80’s and 90’s.  This guide includes the main quest and 3 side quests walkthrough and achievement. Let’s look at them.


Murder in the Hotel Lisbon Walkthrough

Act 1

Tutorial section of the game.


Hat (on bed)

Go to your office through the door on the left.


Paperbox (on desk), Key (on desk)

After talking with Clown, grab the key on the desk and leave through the left door.

Wainting room

Glasses (on floor), Dossier (sofa), VHS tape (1/9, table behind Policeman Garcia), Badge (given by Policeman Garcia)

Talk to Policeman Garcia

Interview – Policeman Garcia

You’ll encounter several interview sessions during your play. Most of them can only be done with one of the two main characters, with exception of the very first one and last one. If you choose the wrong character, you can pass the interview but the game won’t process.
*You can use either Detective Case or Clown in this interview.

Detective Case

  1. Question 1 — Glasses
  2. Question 2 — Badge
  3. Question 3 — Dossier


  1. Question 1 — Glasses
  2. Question 2 — Badge
  3. Question 3 — Dossier

Act 2

Go to the police station on Police St

Police Station

VHS tape (2/9; Open the green door behind Policeman Garcia. The tape is in this archive room on the top of the shelf)

Exhaust all dialog of Policeman Garcia.
Go to Hotel St.

Hotel Lisbon – Lobby

Talk to Brian the bellboy and hotel owner Serafin.
Find Mr. Love’s room murder scene  in the check-in book. Take the elevator to room 302.

Room 302

Suicide letter (received from Garcia), Garcia’s badge (on the left bedside table), VHS tape (3/9, under bed), Victim’s ID card (on bed), GAF Bar card (in a hand of the corpse), Knife murder weapon  (on corpse), Oil (on floor), 3-colored hairs (on floor)

*You can go back to the Police Station for the first side quest now
Go to GAF Bar

Double H St. – GAF Bar

Picture of Bob hugging Manel(on the wall, for side quest 2), Picture of manager Manel (on the wall), VHS tape (4/9, on the shelf behind the bartender), Garcia’s handcuffs (given by Manel)


Manager’s note (on compartment door)

Interview – Manel


  1. Question 2 — GAF Bar card
  2. Question 1 — Manager’s note
  3. Question 1 — Photo of manager Manel

Talk to Manel and go to the Police Station. *Side quest 2 should be available now.

Police Station

Photo of Mrs. Love in Noitadas Restaurant (given by Garcia)

Talk to Policeman Garcia. *Side quest 1 available

Interview – Policeman Garcia

Detective Case

  1. Question 3 — Suicide letter
  2. Question 3 — Garcia’s badge
  3. Question 2 — Handcuffs

Head back to your agency on Double H St.

Double H St. – Office
Interview – Mrs. Love


  1. Question 2 — Mr. Love’s ID card
  2. Question 3 — Suicide letter
  3. Question 3 — Photo of Mrs. Love in Noitadas

Go to Noitadas Restaurant on Double H St.

Noitadas Restaurant

Mr. Love’s will (on the floor under innermost table), VHS tape (5/9, above the white lamp on the wall behind the guitar player), Phone bill (given by owner Vila-Lobos)

Talk to the restaurant owner Vila-Lobos.
Go to Lisbon hotel.

Lisbon Hotel – Lobby

Yellow Flower (on floor)

Go back to your office.


Answer the phone and go to the Station.

Police Station

Talk to Garcia and use the phone in the station. Go back to your office

Interview – Mrs. Love


  1. Question 2 — Photo of Mrs. Love in Noitadas
  2. Question 1 — Phone bill
  3. Question 3 — Yellow Flower

Crucifix (given by Mrs. Love)

After you finish talking with Mrs. Love, go to Lisbon Hotel.

Lisbon Hotel
Interview – Serafin


  1. Question 2 — Phone bill
  2. Question 2 — Crucifix
  3. Question 2 — 3-colored hairs
Police Station

GAF Bar card with lipstick (given by Serafin)

Talk to Serafin and go to Bar GAF


Brown wig (on the wall by the door)

Interview – Manel


  1. Question 2 — GAF Bar card w/ lipstick
  2. Question 3 — 3-colored hairs
  3. Question 1 — Brown wig
Police Station

Photo of Mrs. Love and Vila-Lobos (given by Manel)

Talk with Manel and go to Noitadas

Noitadas Restaurant
Interview – Vila-Lobos


  1. Question 3 — Photo of Mrs. Love and Vila-Lobos
  2. Question 1 — 3-colored hairs
  3. Question 3 — Phone bill
Police Station

Talk with Vila-Lobos and leave the station.

Act 3


Use the phone.
Talk to Mrs. Love.

Interview – Clown Bot


  1. Question 2 — Oil
  2. Question 1 — 3-colored hairs
  3. Question 3 — Knife

Choose either option in the conversation with Clown.

Act 4

Police Station

Tracker (given by Filomena)

Talk to Garcia twice. Talk to Filomena the secretary. Use the phone.


Talk to Mrs. Love


Ticket (on floor)

Find Clown on the toilet. Go to Press Play Arcade on Arcade St.

Arcade St. – Press Play Arcade

VHS tape (6/9, between the TetrisPETRIS game and the “SUPER BANG’ ON” racing game)
Talk to Mrs. Love and Policeman Garcia. Talk to Stuart the owner. Go outside. Then go to Hotel Lisbon.

Lisbon Hotel – Lobby

Talk to Serafin for clues. Search the check-in records for Brian’s room – 501 “Jumpman”

Room 501

Bra (on bed), VHS tape (7/9, beside bedside-table on the right), Photo of Mrs. Love and Brian (on the table on the right)

Talk to Brian and Garcia then return to Press Play Arcade.

Press Play Arcade

Room 302 spare key (given by Stuart)

Talk to Stuart and go back to Police Station.

Police Station – Custody Room
MEGA Interview

The final interview in the main quest. There are two suspects and you’re gonna choose one of your main characters against each suspect. Either way, you can beat the interview. Enjoy your final, epic, 2vs2 battle!
Case vs. Mrs. Love & Clown vs. Brian

  1. Question 2 — Photo of Mrs. Love and Brian
  2. Question 3 — Bra
  3. Question 1 — Mr. Love’s Will
  4. Question 3 — Knife
  5. Question 3 — Ticket
  6. Question 1 — Room 302 spare key

Case vs. Brian & Clown vs. Mrs. Love

  1. Question 3 — Photo of Mrs. Love and Brian
  2. Question 1 — Bra
  3. Question 1 — Mr. Love’s Will
  4. Question 1 — Knife
  5. Question 3 — Ticket
  6. Question 2 — Room 302 spare key

Congratulations! You have solved the main case. However, there’s still so much fun in the side quests…

Act 5 (Side Quests)

You can do side quests 1&2 while playing through the main story. Side quest 3 will not be available until you beat the main game. However, side quest 3 is mostly about collecting VHS tapes and you can find 8 out of 9 tapes during main quest and side quest 1. The last tape will be given to you by your mom  at the end of side quest 3.
You can only accept one side quest at a time.

Side Quest 1

This quest should be available after you’ve heard case statement of the main quest from Garcia.
*If you complete this quest early in the game, the kid Garcia & Lady Star’s love child will follow Garcia all along for the rest of the game.

Police Station

Paper about Lady Star (on the floor; re-enter the station after receiving the quest)

Talk to Garcia to receive this quest. Go to Hotel Lisbon for clues.

Hotel Lisbon – Lobby

Hotel Lisbon card (given by Serafin)

Ask Serafin about the stickbaton.

Hotel St.

Receipt (given by Lady Star)

Talk to the lady outside the hotel. Return to Police Station

Police Station

Talk to Garcia. This will directly throw you into the interview.

interview – Policeman Garcia


  1. Question 2 — Paper about Lady Star
  2. Question 1 — Receipt
  3. Question 3 — Hotel card

Finish talking and go to the hotel.

Hotel Lisbon – Lobby

Check-in book: Lady Star’s room – 603

Room 603

VHS tape (8/9, between the pillows)

Finish talking and leave the room.

Police Station

After talking with Garcia, the quest is completed.

Side Quest 2

This quest should become available after you first interviewed GAF Bar manager Manel.


Photo of Bob hugging Manel (on the wall)

Talk to Manel to receive the quest.
You can go to the bathroom to find more clues about the case.

Hotel St.

Talk to Tony the Shoeshiner for clues

Press Play Arcade

Male hormone pills (given by Stuart)

Ask Stuart about Bob.


Talk to Carlos (the guy listening to music, on the left of the scene)

Hotel – Lobby

Serafin doesn’t know much about the case. Search through the check-in book and find a suspicious name Roberta Fawkes with room number 101.

Room 101

Jockstrap (given by Bob)

Talk to Bob Roberta Fawkes.


Talk to Manel

Interview – Manel


  1. Question 1 — Photo of Bob hugging Manel
  2. Question 3 — Jockstrap
  3. Question 3 — Male hormone pills

Quest completed, case closed!

Side Quest 3

The quest should be available after you completed the main quest.

Case Agency – Waiting Room

Talk to your mom to receive the quest.

Police Station

Ask Garcia about your father.

Double H St.

Talk to the homeless man with a dog.


Collect 8 tapes during main and side quests. Choose TV and play them to you dad.
Talk to your mom and receive the last tape.
Play the last tape on TV.

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon 100% Achievement

They Are Real
This achievement can be earned early on.

First head out of your office and go to Hotel Street (keep going to the right).

As your walking down hotel street you will see a gate that can be interacted with. Go ahead and walk through it.Here you will find Nerd Monkey (the developers) and all the way to the right you will see a notice board. Interact with it, go through some dialogue and then you will have 2 options: donate or don’t donate.

Choose the first option (Donate) and the game will close and you will earn the achievement!


This achievement is pretty straightforward.
There is a shower all the way to the right in your bedroom (which is in your office). Just take a shower by interacting with it about 10 times or so. I haven’t confirmed if this is 10 total or in a row (it’s really easy to do in one sitting).



The bug can be found in the park on Park Street. Just go all the way to the right, and near the end their will be a bench.
Look closely at the bottom left of the bench and you should see a little black bug (almost looks a an 8 bit ant) and just interact with it.

Living legend! and Totally lame!

Living legend!- Get a combo bigger than 30 in Stand Up Clown mini-game

Totally lame! Get 15.000 points in the Stand Up Clown mini-game.

The mini-game can be found in the main menu and is unlocked early on in the main quest. (After using clown bot to interview the manager of Bar Gaf)

The achievements aren’t too hard to get. Clown Bot will set up a corny joke and you have to choose the punchline. Some right answers are more obvious than others. After successfully telling a few jokes you will have to catch the flowers the audience throws at you for more points.

If you get a joke wrong the audience throws things at you that will take away your points. The audience leaves every time you tell a bad joke, until you are eventually left alone on stage, then the game ends.

Edit: I really underestimated these ones. You will have to choose punchlines faster and faster as you tell more jokes and some can be tricky.

Here is a list of some of the jokes and their punchlines:

Why do bees have sticky hair? They use honeycombs

How do inmates talk to each other? Cell Phones

What’s a scarecrow’s favorite food? Strawberries

Where do geologists go for entertainment? Rock clubs

What sea creature cleans the sea? Mermaids

He let her know who the boss was. He looked her in the eye and said “You’re the boss”

What happens when the Queen burps? She issues a royal pardon.

What is that shiny thing in the grass? an ant with bracers

what is that green dot in the corner? a pea in dentention



Just play the game at 3 am. You can change the date and time settings on your computer to get this done quickly.

Major Fado fan!

Fado can be found in Noitadas, which is the restaurant right next to Bar Gaf on Double H Street

Simply walk into the restaurant and talk to the woman with the blue shawl around her and a red flower in her hair. She will then begin performing and you just have to wait around and enjoy the music until the achievement pops.


Daniela’s Photos!

To get this achievement you need to go to room 404 at Hotel Lisbon. (4th floor on the right.)

When you enter Clown Bot will get scared and you will have to go right all the way until you see a big screen of static.

Here, Clown Bot will freak out and tell you not to touch it. Go ahead and touch it, and you will enter a secret place and watch some dialogue between Bot and Case. During this conversation Bot will admit that he took Daniela’s Bikini photos while he was cleaning. You should get the achievement after this.


Jehovah Witness!

To get this achievement you will have to interact with every door at Hotel Lisbon. There are 6 floors and 4 doors on each (24 doors in total). You should get the achievement after you have knocked on your last door.

Nerd Monkey!

I found the Nerd Monkey in a tree on Park Street after completing the main game.

In the tree near the kiosk and the pole with the orange box, you should see a small orange tail. interact with it and it will disappear. Then exit and reenter Park Street. The monkey should be standing with the posing forensic workers. Simply stand near him and interact to unlock the achievement.


Just play through the game and complete the 3 sidequests without ever calling on the taxi. There are a few moments in the story that force you to use the taxi and cannot be avoided (such as when you accuse some suspects). As long as you don’t click on Clown Bot to call a taxi, you should get this achievement after completing the sidequests and main game.

Thanks to Sendou for confirming that sidequests are required.

Case Closed!

Simply beat the main case! After completing the main case you are free to beat the remaining side quests.


The Big♥♥♥♥♥♥

There are (as of now) 3 side quests in the game: Garcia’s Stick, Manel’s Bet, The Videotapes. Big letters will announce when a case is closed, in case you are unsure. Obviously there are some major spoilers here, but proceed if you wish.

1. Finding Garcia’s Stick: This can be done during the main game. After talking to Garcia at the police station you will have the option to press the Q icon when you click on him (Clown Bot will say this means he has a side quest). To complete the quest you will need to talk to Ms. Star outside the Hotel, talk to the hotel manager, and find the document on the floor in the police room. After that you will interrogate Garcia who will then ask you to talk to Star, do so and the case should be solved after some dialogue.

2. Solving Manel’s Bet: After talking to Manel you should go into the bathroom and look next to the mirror. From there find the shoeshiner, then Carlos back at the bar, and then finally look for Roberta Fawkes at the hotel (look at the guest book). you will then need to use the evidence you gathered (pills, a picture, and a jockstrap) to interrogate Manel. After some backtracking and dialogue this case should be closed.

3. Finding the Videotapes: you can find most of the tapes without proceeding through the story (maybe 7 or so), but eventually you will need to go through the main story to find them all. The final tape is unlocked after you complete the main game, your mother gives it to you. Here are some of the locations:

– 1.In the waiting room outside your office (where you first meet Garcia) there should be a tape on the table near the window on the left.

– 2. At the police station there is a door behind Garcia’s desk that can be opened. Inside there is Robocop, and above him is a well hidden tape.

– 3. in the arcade on the left side of the racing arcade game.

– 4. Underneath the bed in room 302 at the hotel (the crime scene)

– 5. at Noitadas above the picture near the man playing guitar.

– 6. near the bartender at Bar Gaf, on the shelf near the bathroom.

– 7. I believe this one can be found later in the story line when you are looking for a certain suspect that likes the arcade. Here is a tip, thanks to user VWR: ” Tape 7 is definitely in room 501 I had returned there AFTER ‘ve got a key at the Arcade from Steve (or Stuart?) and it was lying there beside bedtable. Mayhaps it was there before and I didn’t noticed.”

– 8. I think this one cane be found in the Hotel in a room during a side quest. Possibly in room 603, thanks to user Dar for the heads up!

– 9. given to you after the game by your mom. UPDATE: you have to click on the T.V. in your bedroom after finding all the other tapes. The characters will mention how there are no more and then your mom will show up to give you the last one.



To unlock this achievement you need to fail every interrogation for the main quest at least once, and this has to all be done in a single playthrough.

Thanks to Sendou for pointing out that sidequests don’t count towards this.


you will unlock this after getting all the other achievements. Some users have had to look at the trophy case in their office (see below) while others just needed to enter their office. Congratulations!

Guide By Wiesler

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