Mutropolis Full Walkthrough (100% Achievements Guide)

In this guide you can find a full walkthrough of the game, including explanations on how obtain all the achievements in a single playthrough.

make sure to save as often as possible, since that allows you to reload a previous save game after you finish your playthrough and get the achievements that you missed.
There is only one achievement that requires collecting several objects at specific points in time – “Methodical Detective”. If you didn’t obtain it in your playthrough, you will need to replay through the entire first half of the game, more or less. In order to avoid that, I added warnings before these objects become unavailable.


Act 1

Pick up the Geological chronometer from your bags.

For an achievement, use it on all the characters from the scene (including Totel on the far right).

Date Your Friends
It is always OK to invade your friends’ privacy.

Pick up the big blue mushroom and drop it into the hole.
Ask Luc for the first part of the toolbox password: 5657
Ask Micro for the second part of the toolbox password: 7283
Open the toolbox and pick up Aqua Dentata.
Use the Geological chronometer on the door.
Talk to Totel.
Talk to Carlata and Micro.
Investigate the rocks near the entrance, then confront Cobra (use reverse psychology).
Inspect the fluorescent puddle next to Cobra.
Search the mushrooms next to Carlata to find the trowel.
Use the Aqua Dentata on the door then the trowel to remove the clay.
Open the door and go inside.

Act 2

On the main corridor, inspect the rightmost painting.

El Greco
Reminisce about your greatest discovery.

Pick up the rightmost plant (Small Martian plant).
Go to Totel’s office. Talk to Carlata to open the door.
Interact with the mask several times until the wire drops on the floor.
Search the drawer. Pick up the breath spray.
Inspect the shelves.
For an achievement, click every book and every page of the books to trigger the text prompts.

Leave no page unread.

Inspect the hole below the board. Use the trowel to extract the pen.
If you haven’t read all the pages already, click the Linden Blossom entry in the plants book.
Go outside the office and plant the small Martian plant into the Mars soil (shaped like the planet).
Go all way back to the lab with Luc and Micro.
Inspect the samples and pick up the Linden Blossom one.
Take the lab coat and ID (behind Cobra’s desk, on the right).
Go back to Carlata’s office and use the lab coat to pick up the chili pepper.
Back to the lab, use Cobra’s water jar to fill the pot from your inventory.
In the Thermal Regulator, place the pot with water on the clamp and the chili pepper to heat up the water. Drop the linden flower in the pot then pick up the infusion.
Give the tea to Carlata. Pick up the mojito.
Go into Totel’s office, water his plant with the mojito.
Pick up the secret note.
In the inventory, inspect the secret note to separate it from the paper clip.
Back in the lab, give the secret note to Luc.
Talk to Luc and Micro.

Use the elevator to go to the first floor.
Interact with the vending machine. Your ID has expired.
Pick up the thermometer next to the hangar door.
Go into the hangar where Petra is.
Pick up the screwdriver. Inspect the large box and the posters.
Talk to Petra and then to the pilot.
Inspect the blue box next to the policemen and then talk to them.
Talk to the pilot again, accept his plan to steal the object.
Go outside in the garden, investigate the monolith. You need Access Level 3.
Go behind the building, eavesdrop on Cobra’s conversation. Pick up the rope hanging on the warning sign.

Go back to Carla’s office and use the printer with the following settings to print an image of the pilot (make sure to select the grey hair too):

Now use the printer with the following settings, then give Carlata the image:

Spitting Image
Create a portrait of a friend.

⠀⠀Obtaining the Icicle

Take the elevator to the basement, talk to Frida about the monolith and the flask.
Press the body parts of the mummy in the following order: nose -> thumb -> little finger -> tongue -> nose -> winking eye -> bulging eye -> winking eye -> tongue.
(the combination can be found in the mummies book from Totel’s bookshelf: the sequence on page 3, the symbols on page 2).
Pick up the flask.
Uncover the other mummy, pick up the bottom red stick.
Inspect the wooden box, it’s a fingerprint kit.

Place the mojito glass from your inventory on the right side. It will break.

Break at least one glass.

Place the flask on the right side and use the brush and white powder to uncover a fingerprint, then use the tape to transfer it.
Take the elevator to the garden and use the fingerprint on the monolith.
Change the weather to winter.
Pick up some snow from below the tree. Now try to make a snowman by combining the snow from your inventory with the snowy area below the tree. Repeat a couple of times.

Frosty Friendship
Make a new friend in the depths of winter.

Inspect the icicle on the closest branch. You can’t reach it.
Change the weather to autumn.
Hang the lab coat on the lowest branch and change the weather back to winter.
Use the trowel to pick up the icicle.

⠀⠀Obtaining the Survival Equipment

Give Carlata your ID. She needs to see your paycheck.
Go inside Totel’s office and pick up the paycheck from the folder on the floor.

⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ – you will need to do this at this specific moment if you want to obtain the Methodical Detective achievement
Go to the basement and inspect the folder for fingerprints. Afterwards, this item will not be available any more.

Give the folder to Carlata to fix your ID card.
Use the elevator to go to the first floor.
From the vending machine, buy a turnip and any other food.

For an achievement, give the turnip to Cobra.

100% Organic
Give Cobra a healthy snack.

Give the food to Trevor (in the lab) and ask him to shape the iron piece into a star and the paperclip into a heart, afterwards ask him to flatten both.
Combine them in your inventory (the hint for the lockpick can be found in Frida’s book).
Go to the corridor and use this lockpick kit to open the security cupboard.
First place the top lockpick on the top, move it until it snaps into place.
The try to move the lower one until you see some sparks – these indicate that your position is correct. Repeat till it snaps into place as well.

⠀⠀Obtaining the Lost-and-Found Item

Give the ancient smoke bomb to Luc. He will give you a bag of chemical components in return.
Use the straw from your inventory as a casing for the chemical components (combine them in your inventory).
Next to the elevator from the second floor there’s statue with spikes. Use it to obtain a strand from the rope.
Go to the hangar.
Soak the thread in the oil puddle.
Combine this with the straw-item above to receive a smoke bomb.
Give the image to the pilot.
Use the pen from your inventory to draw the glasses on his picture.
Give the image to the pilot again. Pick up the hair spray.

⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ – you will need to do this at this specific moment if you want to obtain the Methodical Detective achievement
Go to the basement and inspect the following items for fingerprints:
– Mojito glass (it should be already done)
– Folder with paycheck (it should already done)
– Breath spray
– Ancient smoke bomb (will not be available from now on)
– The pilot’s hair spray
– Ballpoint pen
– Flask

Give the smoke bomb to the pilot.
While the hangar is full of smoke, reach into the box with the lost-and-found object.
Split the chewing gum with the pilot. Pick any answer.

⠀⠀Opening the Package

Now you can talk to Petra about the packages.
Go back to the lab and inspect the large box under Micro’s table.
Inspect the sample container, read the silver plate.
Pick up one strand of hair.
Go to Frida (basement) and ask her to help with the hair strand (give it to her). You can pick any options, but the correct ones are: begging – shedding a tear.
Go back to the lab, access your computer.

Click the images in the following order:
left – right

Delete Browser History
I wasn’t looking for that picture, I swear!

Click the images in the following order:
right – left – left – left – right

Wake Up, Sheeple
Solve the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Now use the following order for the images:
right – left – left – right – right

In the sample container, combine the photo with the shirt and with the sandwich.
Go back to Frida, show her the photo. She will give you a freckle chart.
In the sample container, combine the freckle chart with the skin sample.
Pick up the frozen finger.
In the thermal regulator, place the thermometer on the clamp.
Place the frozen finger, the chewing gum, the icicle, the ice cubes and the breath spray.
Pour the purple liquid into the hair spray.

⠀⠀Obtaining the HoverJet

In the hangar, use the purple spray on the pilot.
Talk to the policemen.
Exit the hangar, when you will re-enter the reinforcements will be there.
Talk to the pilot.

⠀⠀Finding out Totel’s coordinates

In the elevator, inspect the suspicious panel. You’ll need a flat screwdriver.
Give some food to Trevor and ask him to flatten the screwdriver.
Go back to the elevator and use it to open the panel. You’ll need Cobra’s fingerprint.
In the garden, use the monolith to change the season to summer.
Pick up an apple from the ground and give it to Cobra. She will throw it away.
Search the trash can for the apple and use Frida’s fingerprint kit to extract Cobra’s fingerprint from it.
For an achievement, go back to the lab and throw the apple in the trash can.

You are forgiven, human
Put right an outrage against a machine.

Use Cobra’s fingerprint to open the secret door inside the elevator.
In Cobra’s lab, repair the switch (interact with the switch and then with the sparks).
Open the curtain and talk to the bird lady.
Use the stairs to go back to the secret lab.
Inspect the photographs pinned on the board. The symbols will be used for opening the safe:

Bad Mood Board
Interpret the photographs and glimpse inside Cobra’s heart.

⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ – you will need to do this at this specific moment if you want to obtain the Methodical Detective achievement
Go to the basement and search for fingerprints on the item you found in the safe.

Methodical Detective
Check for prints on every suspicious item.

Give this item to Isis.

Act 3

Inspect the horizon.
Pick up the trowel from the backpak.
Pick up the knife from the tree.
Pick up the lemons.
Pick up the survival kit from one of the boxes.
use the trowl to open the lid of one of the boxes. Pick up the remote control from inside the box.
Talk too Luc, ask for Max’s manual, then talk to Carlate about it, she will give you your notebook.
Talk to Max, ask it to give you its manual. It needs a sheet of paper.
Give it your notebook and max will write the instructions on a paper.
Give the instructions to Micro.
Send Max to the big lake in the middle of the map.
Ask Max to give you the fishing rod. Use any dialogue options, but only one will work: “Play it cool” -> “Absolutely slander blackberries”.
Use the fishing rod on the defunct robot. You’ll get its antenna.
Use the antenna with the remote control on the table.
Give the remote control to Micro.
Talk to Luc about batteries. Give him a lemon.
Use the improvised battery with the remote control on the table.

Use the remote control with Max.

Why, Robot?
Send Max into a spin.

Give the remote control to Carlata.
Pick up the binoculars from the table.

Inspect the following spot:

All That Glitters
Spot something gold through the binoculars.

Now inspect this spot:

And follow Max’s marks:

Go to Craters.
Go left and witness the dialogue.
Use your notebook and make a sketch of the bicycle.
Give the knife to Micro. He will sharpen it.

Go to the Carved head.
Use your notebook to make a sketch of the giant head statues and of the statues guarding the covered entrance.
Use the knife to open the survival kit.
Use the match from your inventory to light up the villager’s pipe.
Take the road north, next to the head statues.
Use your notebook to make a sketch of the giant head statue.
Go one screen further.
Inspect the statues.

What’s In A Name?
They may have hearts of stone, but don’t they deserve names?

Use your notebook and make sketches of all the statues.
Inspect the rightmost window.
Use the knife to uncover the airflow.
Talk to Isis, she will give you a steel bar. Use it to remove the wooden plank.
Talk to Isis, pick the flirty option, then go through the opening.
Stand on the inscription plate.
Go back to the village and talk to Clayton.
You’ll need to pass three trials.

Bear your body and soul.

⠀⠀First trial – Endurance

Inspect the hot coal. You can’t walk on it, it’s too hot.
Go back to the village, search for the sun cream in your backpack.
Use it, this will allow you to pass the first trial.

⠀⠀Second trial – Courage

Try to place your hand in the statue’s mouth.
Go back to the village, use the booth to get dressed.
Talk to Isis, pick the flirty option.
Go back to the camp.
Talk to Isis, pick the flirty option.
Inspect the tree mouth.
Talk to Isis again, she will help you overcome your fear.
Unfortunately, this is not enough to make you pass the second trial (if you go back to the village, it will have the same outcome).
Go to Craters, talk to Isis and ask her to stay on Earth.
Go to the village, give the map to Clayton. He will mark some points of interest.
Go to the Roman temple.
Talk to Isis, pick the flirty option.
Inspect the skeleton, click on the ribs a few times. Pick up the pin.
Try to place your hand in the statue’s mouth. It will not work.
Use your notebook to make a sketch of the fountain statue.
Pick up the flower from the fountain and give it to Isis.

Hardcore Romantic
Use an old school method of seduction.

Go to the beach.
Talk to Isis, pick the flirty option.
Touch the rock covered in moss.
Use your notebook and make a sketch of the bird.
Go to the camp. Talk to Luc about Carlata and ask him to give you some protective gloves.
Go to the Crater, talk to Micro about the gloves.
Go to the beach, use the gloves to uncover the stone covered in moss.
Place your hand in the stone’s mouth.
Go to the Roman temple.
Place your hand in the stone’s mouth.
Go to the village. You are now ready to pass the trial.

⠀⠀Third trial – Rain

Go back to the village and ask Clayton about the trial.
Talk to Isis and ask her about dance moves.
Show the notebook to Harolyn.
Give the badge pin to Clayton.
Inspect the notice board and take the sigil.
Go back to camp, place the blueprint on the map and align it with the markings.

Pick up the binoculars and inspect that X spot on the map.

See What You Can Sea
When you stare out to sea, something stares back.

Inspect the smaller box next to Luc. Pick up the boat and the remote control.
Go to the beach. Place the boat on the sea and use the remote control.
Inspect the pocket inside the space capsule.
Go to the Roman temple.
Inspect the skeleton, open his backpack and use the knife with the zipper.
Go back to the camp, combine the new treasure map with your old map on the table.
Fold left side once and right side twice. Click on the tree as indicated by the folded treasure map.
Go to the location marked with an X.
Talk to Isis.

Smooth Talker
Try to impress a goddess.

Use your notebook and make a sketch of the statue.
Inspect the loot and package.
Use the knife too cut the vine.

Go back to the camp. Insert the blue card in the tree slot. A compartment opens up.

We The People…
Find the time capsule.

Go back to the village and give the notebook to Harolyn.
Click on the drawings – they represent dance moves. When you select the correct one, Harolyn’s symbol will change. Try to remember the order.
You are now ready to pass the trial. Press the drawings in the following order.

⠀⠀The Crypt

Go into the crypt.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t
Lose the only thing that matters.

Interact with the viscous mass. You pick up an unknown object.
Go to the far left, interact with the plant. Combine the object from your inventory with the item that fell on the floor.
Pick up the vessel.
Inspect the card pieces on the floor.
Go outside and talk to Clayton.
Go back inside, find Rubina’s card on the floor.
Inspect the center area of the osuary wall. Pick up the gems.
Talk to Clayton again about Rubina.

⠀⠀The Pixel Party

Go to the Crater.
Pick up the juicer.
Try to go left, your path to the ship is blocked.
Talk to Max, ask him to sneak into the camp.

Pixel Party
Push those pixels, Max!

Look at Sobek. Max needs to get his key.
Open the inventory and restore the meow file from the trash.
Use the “meow” file on Sobek.
While he moves, open the inventory and use the rec function on Sobek.
You record a “groar” sound.
Use the “groar” sound on Sobek.
While he moves, open the inventory and use the rec function on Sobek.
You record a “ouggh” sound.
Use the “ouggh” sound on Sobek.
Pick up the object that Sobek dropped.
From Max’s inventory, combine the saltcellar with the hose on the left.
Use the “ouggh” sound on Sobek again.
Interact with the console (press the lever on the left of the console).
Insert the key into the slot.
Press the following buttons then immediately move Max into the cage. While he is electrocuted, move him into the puddle:

On the console, press all the buttons then immediately use the “ouggh” sound on Sobek again.
Enter the spaceship.
Go back to Henry.

⠀⠀Inside Mutropolis

Go to the beach.
Use the vessel to collect some water.
Pick up seaweed from every color.
Go to the Roman temple.
Fill the hole with water and use the trowel to mix the clay.
Pick up the clay with the vessel.
Go back to the crypt, place the clay on the right slot.
Cover the skulls with clay.
Use the blue seaweed on the right most skull then take a photo using the instant camera.
Give the photo to Clayton.
Combine the lemon and the juicer in your inventory.
Combine the photo with the card. Also inspect the note.
Take the path north to Mutropolis.
Go through the opening covered by the wooden plank (right windows) and use the id card to open the door.
Place the knife, trowel, controller on the slot next to the door (the ring is already there).
Talk to Carlata.
On the right, find the console that opens the door. Press the following keys:

For an achievement, inspect the museum label.

Correct That Typo
Because dinosaurs do exist.

Click on the mountain of coins to hind behind it.
Click again to take a coin.
Throw the coin at the bell.
While the gat goes to the left, click the blue fabric.
Pick up the yarn ball.
Grab a coin from the pile next to you and throw it at the bell to distract the cat.
Go back to Isis and talk to her.

Try blowing out a candle.
Talk to Cobra and Totel. Accuse cobra of betrayal.
Give the notebook to Cobra.

It Ain’t Rite!
Stop the ritual!

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