My Beautiful Paper Smile: Chapter 3 Breaker Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to the MBPS Secret Hunter Society guide! Today we will be going through the breakers of CH. 3 of the game. Please note that some of these will require you to be caught by the authorities! The only pre-requisite you will need is to have completed CH. 2 and have retrieved the key within it. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE KEY, YOU WILL HAVE TO REPLAY CH. 2 ENTIRELY TO COMPLETE THE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR CH. 3. Posted below is the location for the key in CH. 2.

The CH. 2 key can be located when the hunter goes to the cabin. in the back building of the area after the bridge, enter and head to the right. The key will be laying on the floor. Pick it up and continue and complete CH. 2.

Beginning Ch. 3
At the beginning of CH. 3, double check your inventory for the key. Again, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE KEY, REPLAY CH. 2 AND GET THE KEY. Your inventory should look like this.

Once you have talked to the authority, go into the next room where you find the blade. The first of the
breakers will be sitting on the table on the left.

Continue through the story. When you come to the stealth section continue through the small “tutorial” area and into the next section of the area, head to the far south eastern end of the area to a small building. The second breaker will be sitting ontop of a crate infront of the building. This building is south of the authority helping you get through.

Continue on to the next area, where the authority scouts ahead. Head north till you see the area where the text is written on the wall. Nearby there is an alleyway, head down it a little bit till you see three crates. The next breaker is sitting ontop of one of them. (I picked it up as I took the screenshot, but it is glowing ontop of the crate.)

Stealth your way through to the authority on the other side of the area and go inside of the compound.

The Compound
Please note, this section will REQUIRE you to be caught by the authorities to retrieve these breakers. If you are quick enough, one of them can be grabbed quickly and still make it onto the next area without being caught.

Once you enter the compound, head to the area where you have to follow the rest of the joyous to the barracks room. Once you begin walking with them, head into the towers area. Once you have a second to spare, rush to the left tower to the stairs, and the breaker will be sitting on the top of the stairs.

Get caught by the authorities and restart the walk with the joyous to the barracks. Once inside, head to the left corner with two doors. If you do not have the key from CH. 2, the door will remain locked. If you do have the key, the door will open and inside you will find the first of the large breakers sitting on a chair inside the room.

Go to sleep and continue on to the next section of the chapter. During the chase, head to the far right when you get to the destroyed building and you will see a breaker sitting on the ground. Pick it up and attempt to outrun the authorities to the next area. If you get caught, restart the chase and head to the next area.

Please note that since you have to be caught to retrieve these, they will still stay in your inventory, so you will not have to pick them up again.

The Underground
During this section, please note that the final breaker can only be retrieved with the gas still on. if you turn off the gas to level three, you will be unable to collect the final big breaker.

Once you enter, continue through the area until you reach the storage room, on the ground in front of the middle racks, you will find a breaker on the ground.

The next breaker will appear on the ground where the maskless one is standing at the end of the hallway on the ground.

Continue through till you reach the underland, the place of misery and darkness. Once you are able to move freely again, head out the left door and a breaker will be sitting ontop of a crate.

Before you head into the first door, make your way down to the third level and enter. You will have to be quick for this one, as you will enter with the gas on. The breaker will be on the ground a few feet into the hallway. Again, THE GAS MUST BE ON FOR THIS. If you attempt to get this after you have vented the gas, you will have to restart ENTIRELY, having to get the key from CH. 2 and start all the way over. if you are quick enough you can leave the gas filled room. if you are not, you will die and be reset in the stairwell, this will not reset the breaker and it will still be in your inventory.

Once you have retrieved the final big breaker, head through the first floor, and get access to the second floor. in the long hallway with the piping. Towards the end of the hallway, you can find the final breaker in the chapter leaning against the pipes.

Continue on and retrieve your goodies behind the doors!

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    (October 17, 2021 - 8:38 pm)

    you wrote an article to help people collect the fuses and you forgot to list a whole entire fuse


    (November 2, 2021 - 4:56 pm)

    You seem to have forgotten the 5th and last Small Breaker. It is in one of the rooms in the Underland before getting the key to the 2nd layer.

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