My Big Sister Remastered: 100% Achievements Guide

Hey there! It’s My Big Sister Remastered Achievements Guide!

This guide has almost every achievement solution, divided by chapters!


The Marketplace

Interact with Poster right to Boiler Room

Mmmm… noodles.
Eat noodles from Noodle Lady

Lost and found!
After talking to Sombria, give Boiler Key to Vendor

A Bad Dream

Uncovering Secrets
Use Bobby Pin on Sombria’s room door and give Bloody Picture you got to Sombria

Is this all real

You chose the brain!
Choose the brain on the desk during your visit to therapist

You chose the doll?
Choose the doll in toys box during your visit to therapist

I could use a vacation.
Read the brochures after visiting therapist

I’m sorry Sombria…
Talk with Sombria in the bathroom


Ashina The Red Witch
Talk to Ashina in Bathing Room

A helpful butcher.
Take a Dead Fish in Buffet and give it to Butcher

The Lady On The Wall
After getting a Knife from Butcher, open secret room and meet The Lady On The Wall


I like to meet new people.
Talk to everyone in the town

Of Blood and Water

Don’t let her catch you-
Get caught by The Lady On The Wall.
Save before doing so, because you’ll be sent to main menu!

After catching The Lady, go to Kitchen and receive Candy Bar from Butcher

The Bus Stop

Quick! Help her!
After Sombria asks you to find food for her, run out of time by doing nothing.
Save before doing so, because you’ll be sent to main menu!

Appease the spirits with noodles!
After Noodle Gashia gives you a bowl of Noodles – give it to Wiji

Mushrooms make you grow!
After giving Noodles to Wiji – he will give you a mushroom, which you should give to Mudo

My neighbor Somboro.
Give Special Leaf you got from Mudo to Sombria

Cold Rails

You spin me right round…
Read the notes in bedrooms

You again?!
Meet Noodle Lady in the train

A secret switch?
Turn on secret switch in luggage room

Our Last Stop

I hear something…
Give the Doll to Verd

Who am I?
Go to the tunnel you heard weird noise from

Break or Strengthen

Another sink?
Interact with a Sink on the Kitchen

I’m too tired for this…
After talking to Mom, go to your bedroom and interact with bed 3 times

A new loop is made.
After talking to Mom, use Bobby Pin to open Sombria’s room door

A Mother’s heart knows best.
Get Mom’s Heart, kill Noodle Lady and talk to Sombria

A good ending.
Kill Noodle Lady and talk to Sombria

This is only the beginning…
Interact with Mirror, enter “anihsa”, kill Noodle Lady and as Sombria smoke on right side

A happy ending.
Interact with Mirror, enter “anihsa”, kill Noodle Lady and as Sombria smoke on left side

Thanks to MegaMix_Craft for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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