My Breast Friend Sally: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to go through My Breast Friend Sally game with 100% achievements.


Title Screen

  • Click on Sally’s breasts.

Peek A Moo Get Sally to strip from the Title Menu.

  • Click on the open book under Start.

What About? Check out the About Menu.

  • Click on any of the media icons at the bottom right corner.

True Fan Visit a developer or publisher web link.

  • Click on Start to start a new game and watch the intro scene.

Once Upon A Farm Finish the story intro.

Edmund Farms

  • Click on the cows (1).

Cow Tipper Poke a cow.

  • Click on the chicken (2) and win at the memory minigame.

Sharp As A Tack Win Milton’s matching game challenge.

  • Click on the remaining spots: Grain Storage (Silo), Windmill, Truck, Tractor, Back Stables, and the Pond next to cows.

Worth A Thousand Unlock your first CG image.

Farm House

  • Click on the farm house and speak to Eva.
  • Click the marked spots: Top Middle Window, Front Door, Window next to sleeping guy, Sleeping Guy, and the Old Woodshed.

Say Cheese Find all the 3 hidden photo CG images.

  • Click on the marked spot (F) to finish the scene.

Mew Mew Complete the farm house scene.


  • Click on the stable and speak to Fiona.
  • Click on the marked spots: Trough behind Fiona, Empty Wooden Crate next to Fiona, Empty Crate under the sack with carrots, Horse, Rusty Bucket, and clothes.
  • Click on the shining spot at the bottom right corner (F) to finish the scene.

Horsing Around Complete the stable scene.


  • Click on the barn.
  • Click on al the marked spots before speaking to the girl: Stump, Farmhouse at the distance, Jimmy, and Dusty Shrub at the bottom right corner.

Hoarder Unlock all hidden items.

  • Speak to Sally (F).

Jimmy’s Mom Complete Sally’s flashback scene at the barn.

Halfway There Complete 50% of the story.

Edmund Farms

  • Click on Sally.

That’s All Folks Play through the entire story.

Epic Gallery Unlock the entire CG Gallery.

Who Goes There? Watch the development credits.
By lylat and Pris

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