My Cute Fuhrer: 100% Achievement Guide

Quick and easy guide on getting a 100% completion on My Cute Fuhrer.


Story Mode

Enter Story mode:

You have to complete all 39 levels in Story Mode. It shows 38 when you start but the last level is a “secret”.

From level 1 all the way to 39 you will unlock all these achievements.

1. Start – Unlock this right at the start of story mode.

2. Beautiful Legs – This will unlock on the 2nd level.

3. Beautiful Cap – This will unlock on the 3rd level.

4. Meet – Unlocked after meeting the cute fuhrer.

5. Beautiful Uniform – Unlocked after complimenting her uniform.

6. Room – Unlocked after she invites you to her room.

7. Meet with Helga – Unlocked when you meet Helga.

8. Little Heart – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

9. C – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

10. U – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

11. T – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

12. I – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

13. E – Unlocked while in one of the room levels.

14. Make the Right Choice – No matter what, you will be forced to pick , so you can press the other options for more dialogue if you want.

15. Night – Unlocked after spending the night.

16. Forest – Unlocked when you reach the forest.

17. Moon Base – Unlocked when you reach the Moon Base.


19. Top Secret – This one isn’t shown on the story mode games but once you finish level 38, just press Next and the next game with this achievement will pop.

But I’m Still Missing 2 Achievements!?!?!?

So you unlocked all the other achievements and have no idea how to get those 2 other achievements? I had the same problem and that’s why I’m creating this guide really.

First you probably noticed that you’re “Girls Mode” is grayed out and you can’t click it. Well, you need to go to the game page on the Steam store and download the “My Cute Fuhrer – Adult Girls Pack” DLC. Here is a quick link to it.

Once you have that downloaded, you can now enter Girls Mode. Once you’re there, it might seem overwhelming that you have to do all these levels for just 2 more achievements but you really don’t.
You only need to do the last 3 levels in the final column that I circled below and just keep pressing Next after finishing each one. So avoid doing the X’d out columns.

20. Cute Girls – Once you go into Cute Girls mode, and start a level this will unlock.

21. Top Top Secret – Once you finish the 3rd level in the last column, just press Next and the game will bring you to a secret level.

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