My Singing Monsters: Best GLITCH Method to Achieve Diamonds

An EASY method to achieve diamonds in my singing monsters using a referral glitched code


How it works!


While most people are aware of this glitch others might not be so sure about it. This my singing monsters glitch has been found multiple times, patched, and found again. This method provides a way for it to be unpatched because it uses a code from another user that did the glitch. Keep in mind, this glitch only works if you have not entered someone else’s referral, so you must be free to enter a referral code as this is the main portion of the glitch.

This was only after using the code once…

How to do the glitch.

First part of the glitch is simple…
  • Just select any monster, and name them this. ” 340,282,366,920, “

If it worked, then it should look like this !

What are are doing here, is whats called an integer overflow. This is to increases the maximum potential of diamonds that you can achieve!

28 bits: maximum representable value 2128 − 1 = 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,455

Then to reset the configuration of the .exe file, you will need to do this. For some reason, the devs added this. Thanks to MaxCy! For finding this section of the bug!

After you do that your ready for the final and most important part!

Completing the glitch!

This is the final steps to complete the glitch!

Finally, once you completed the setup before, to finishing completing the glitch the following must be done.

First click options !

From here you will go to submit referral,

The code you will want to use is this,


Make sure you completed the previous steps before entering the code!

The reason we are using this code is because its multiplier is about the same reference material as the original monster name, therefore, once activated; tricks the game into thinking that you require more diamonds then needed changing the mathematical formula originally used. This creates a multiplier effect over a certain amount due to the referral codes integer sequence.

By Enzo

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