My Summer Car: How to Reset Controls to Default

This guide covers resetting your controller and keyboard config to their original values located within the game launcher.


Video of steps taken.

Summary of video
  • Lauched the game and changed the key mapping.
  • Launched the game and verified the change.
  • Opened “regedit” and searched for “my summer car”.
  • Highlighted the entries and deleted them.
  • Loaded the game again and verified the key mapping returned to default

This guide is useful for people who like me changed the keymap located with the game launcher and your xbox controller was no longer functional in game. Most of the keyboard controlls are properly changed within the game settings menu, but your controller axis’s are set from within this launcher menu.


My Summer Car Controls

Action Default Key
Forward w
Backward s
Left a
Right d
Jump Space
Sprint LeftShift
Enter Driving Mode Enter
Use/Equip Items F
Crouch C
Reach/Lean Left Q
Lean Right R
Swear N
Drunk Speech K
Hit H
Push J
Flip Off M
Urinate P
Hitchhike O
Smoking I

Car Controls

My Summer Car can be played with a keyboard, a wheel, or a controller.  The default control is a keyboard.  The default buttons are as follows.

Action Default Key
Steer Left A
Steer Right D
Throttle W
Brake S
Clutch X
Handbrake Z
Shift Up G
Shift Down B
Range R
Toggle Lights L
Toggle Wipers K
Left Turn Signal ;
Right Turn Signal :

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