Myth of Empires: Resource Collection Points (Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard)

Resource Collection Points and how to utilize the Guild Tech Research Buildings – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard.


Resource Collection Points – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard

How to utilize: Guild Tech Research Buildings – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard
These buildings can only be constructed on collection points.

Resource Collection Map Icon:

Travelling through the game word you will locate Resource Collection points. These points of interest appear on your map as a “Cart” icon. Further, there will be an in-game icon visible when you are within the point of interest. The in-game icon represents the building type that can be built at the location.

Each of these points will have an elite group of Human NPCs guarding it.

Once these NPCs are dispatched you may then interact with the capture point icon.
This icon/point can be opened like a crafting inventory. Within this inventory it will show you which building can be built on the capture point

(Must have “Basic Resource Stronghold” unlocked in the Guild Tech menu to construct).

Once you insert the items needed for construction you will then “place” the construction and build it just as you would any other guild building. Once built you will need to assign an NPC worker/warrior to the building by holding “E” and attaching them. Food will need to be placed in the buildings food slot. Overtime the NPC & Building will generate resources based on the building type. I.E. Granary = Crops, Minefield = Ores, Lumberyard = Wood, Quarry = Stones.

Capture Point Levels

These levels indicate the “Tier” of materials the accompanying buildings will produce.

Capture Point Limits

As of this writing there are no limits to the amount of capture points a singular guild can claim and hold.

Thanks to SiN for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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