Myth of Empires: Resource Collection Points (Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard)

Resource Collection Points and how to utilize the Guild Tech Research Buildings – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard.   Resource Collection Points – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard How to utilize: Guild Tech Research Buildings – Minefield, Granary, Quarry and Lumberyard These buildings can only be constructed on collection points. Resource Collection Map Icon: Travelling […]

Myth of Empires: All Item Spawn Codes

The list is getting rather long and it is the best way for me to update it as I have time to find more codes. Note 1: This list of item spawn codes was shared by Resolute and is not complete now. we will update more codes later. Latest Update Time: 2021.11.30 Note 2: You can also […]

Myth of Empires: Server Admin Commands

Here is a list of server admin commands in Myth of Empires. you can check out this guide to learn how to host dedicated server in the game. Note: The list of commands are collected by Bloodworth. however. this list is not complete. you can leave the missing commands that you found in-game below the […]

Myth of Empires: How to Skip the Intro

Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox game. here is a simple guide on how to skip the loading screen.   How to Skip The Loading Screen Method 1 (Easy and Recommended) 1. Select Launch Options. 2. Enter “—launcher-skip” save the changes.   Method 2: Open steam library. 1. Right-click Myth of Empires, select Manage […]

Myth of Empires: How to Fix Game Crashes, Black Screen and BattleEye Error

Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game developed by Aurora Studio and published by TCH Scarlet Limited. here are some solutions for you to solve the game crashes, black screen and BattleEye issues, hope these solutions will work for you.   How to Fix Game Crashes Issues? The operating system is updated […]