Mythgard: Promo Codes 2021

This is a list of active promo codes for Mythgard to help get you get started faster. Enter these with the Redeem a Code button in the in-game store.


Where to redeem codes
Scroll to the right on the store home and click Redeem a Code:

Limited time core deck codes

These codes are a limited promotion running until March 15, 2021. They will unlock the entire set of core cards. So far, 4 of 6 have been released. I’ve also listed the source where the codes were announced, which I’d encourage you to check out in order to generate traffic for outlets that cover the game.

    • Blue cards – DISCORDNORDEN
      Announced on the official Discord server –
    • Purple cards – WholesomeHarmony
      Announced on the WholesomeGMNG YouTube channel –

Other codes
These codes so far appear to not expire.

  • Alliance Command Center path – ENLIST (mutually exclusive with RESIST)
  • Rebellion Safehouse path – RESIST (mutually exclusive with ENLIST)
  • 20 card packs, 2 paths, 2 powers, 1 emote – WelcomeChallenger
  • 5 card packs – LetTheGamesBegin

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