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Use CTRL+F to find something quick. Numbers and other variables are swapped with “x” so if you are looking for “deal 2000 damage with greatsword” use phrase “deal x damage with certain weapon”

Journey’s Dawn (special)

  • Log in
  • Play one match of Herald Trial or Quick Match (using certain character)
    Herald’s Trial = ranked
  • Achieve TOP 5/3/1 in rankedquick match/bloodbath
    Play trios and pray to be carried, or hide in bushes until there are few players left
  • Use ability x times
    It can refer to ultimate or normal one (pay attention to names)
  • Unlock x outfit for character
    Other quests should support you with it, if not – craft or use lootbox
  • Play one match of Bloodbath
  • Open 5 Troves in game
    Troves are chests, they spawn in normal games
  • Travel x meters using Grappling Hook
    Works in Bloodbath as well, so go there and spam them
  • Kills x enemies in certain game mode/as someone
    Kill steal Support is a viable option
  • Use x items in one game
    HP/ARMOR restore, grinding stone etc.
  • Open x Immortal Treasures
    aka lootbox
  • Use melle/ranged weapon to defeat x enemies
    Bloodbath is the best – you spawn often, and you can bully weaker players than you
  • Perform x counters
    press RMB+LMB when someoen is about to blue-attack you
  • Buy x items from Rift Dealer or Morus Blessing
    Morus also spawn in Bloodbath
  • Restore x health (as someone) to yourself/allies
    Both healing items and abilities works
  • Restore x armor (as someone)
  • Add x friends
    Play trios, show your skills of beigh a carrier, flood with friend invites
  • Defeat x enemies using legendary weapon
    Should be specified which one – you obtain them from morus blessing chests
  • Loot x weapons/armors/items of certain quality
  • Use grappling hook x times
    Works both for mobility and combat
  • Survive for x seconds in single game
    Trios and bushes bois
  • Change any hero’s talent/ultimate
    You need at least level 2 of affiliation with that character to change it
  • Complete 1 match (as someone)
    Hop into quick game, die to bot.
  • Deal x damage with certain weapon
    Bloodbath is the best for that, since you have all weapons on yourself (scroll in equipment to see them all). Equip it and slap randoms for whole game.
  • Spend at least x Dark Tide Coins at the Rift Dealer
    Rift dealer is a shop-chest that spawn in normal game. You don’t have to do it in one game.
  • Rescue party party members x times
    Trios exclusive – when your ally is downed, but still have red bar you can ress him/her
  • Defeat x opponents using special attacks
    ESC/Narakapedia/Souljades (or just F2) will show you what you need to obtain and do to progress
  • Win x times in survival/bloodbath
    Top 1 or winning team
  • Get specific emblem after game
    look at emblems section
  • Defeat 1 enemy unarmed
    Doesn’t have to be real player – when someone is about to die, press 0 and end their misery with fist


  • Aggressor
    Deal 12,500 DMG
  • Airborn Advance
    Travel 400m with grappling hook
  • Benevolent
  • Big Spender
  • First Blood
    Get first kill in match
  • Gold Digger
  • Guardian
  • Healer
    Heal 10,000 HP
  • Hunter
    Kill 5 players
  • Kill Leader
    Get most kills in game
  • Lurker
    Spend 150s hiding in bushes
  • Marathon Runner
  • Moral Support
    [trio] Enter top 5 while being dead
  • Perfect Aim
  • Temple Warrior
    Defeat 5 enemies in Shadow Jade Mine (map region)
  • Tresure Hunter
  • Weapons Master

Thanks to MatariHentai for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can support him here. enjoy the game.

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