NBA 2K19 – How to Build a Pure Sharpshooter

NBA 2K19 MyCareer is a miraculous mode in NBA 2K series, you can create your player as you like. Rebounding monster, team organiser and pure sharpshooter. Here GamePretty will guide you how to build a pure sharpshooter in NBA 2K19.


First Step: Select Your Player’s Skills

If you want to build a pure sharpshooter, the 3PT shooting is the most crucial skill you need to select. just select the 3PT SHOOTING as your player’s primary and secondary skills.


Second Step:Choose the Best Height

6’3” may be the wonderful height for you, which you will get good speed to get opening to make the best shoot.


Third Step: Get the Suitable Weight

You player will get a good acceleration and lateral quickness, you can make a good shoot just like CJ.


Fourth Step: Finish With the Perfect WingSpan

Long windspan is not suitable for a pure sharpshooter, 77.3” is just ok and your player will get best open shot mind-range, It’s the most important factor for your player to become a good pure sharpshooter.


Finally, you need some VC to boost your player, it really cost much more VC, that’s so call a “pay to win” game. you should get ready for that and hope this guide give your some help for your pure sharpshooter builder.


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Post Author: Robins Chew