NBA 2K19: How to Fix Error Code 2FD7B735 on PS4 And XboxOne?

NBA 2K19 is one of the most popular sport game all over the world, there always some issues when you are playing the game. Some of these issues could be solved simply, however others might be harder. Here Gamepretty will tech you how to fix the error code 2FD7B735 in NBA 2K19 on PS4 and XboxOne.

Here is the NBA 2K19 Error Code b77577d9

The error code 2FD7B735 means that you could not connect the server and you can just goto the 2KU mode and choose the Scrimmage, just choose the default team to play a round to get score and then exit to the home, you will find that this error code has fixed yet.


Here is the video guide on YouTuBe


Usually you can restart your console when you have some error code in NAB 2K19 game. It is also useful for most error code. Hope our method can give your some benefit.

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