NBA 2K19 – How to Grind for Cap Breaker Rapidly

MyCareer Mode is one of the most popular mode in NBA 2K19 game, you can create your player in the game and boost your player as you are playing the match. however, if you max ont your player, you will reach 85 overall, not 99, to get height to 86 or 87, you need fill the Cap Breaker in the NBA 2K19 MyCareer, Here GamePretty will guide you how to grind for Cap Breaker rapidly?


What’s the Cap Breaker?

It’s a usual question especially for newbies, to learn Cap Breaker, you can go to your attributes upgrade page and you will see white lines. Those are your max upgrades thus being a 99 overall. Initially you can max out at 85 overall. Playing games earns xp. Once you fill up your cap breaker bar you will unlock attribute upgrades at random.


How to Grind for Cap Breaker Fastly?

Before you grind for your player’s Cap Breaker, you need know how much each upgrade, for example, 89–>90 may need one breaker and 90–>91 may need two breakers. It is also said that all the attributes that are related to your archetype,(mid range for shot-creators or blocks for rim protectors.) Are maxing out at at the last bar of 89.

If you want to grind for Cap Breaker rapidly, 12 min career is the best way to get breakers along with the couple practices after the game. you can make 1st set a pick and roll 2nd go over it and do a step back and shoot a 3 make sure your at the 3 poingt line before you do step back so your get a deep 3 as well. follow this method you can get about 60k a game and 15k from the practices after.

Drills is also a good way to get breaker, you can do 20k in 10 minutes doning well thought out gauntlet top drills(5k per) which is much faster than spending 1:10 on a 12 minute quarters game.


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