NBA 2K19 MyGM/MyLeague Challenging Realistic Sliders Settings

NBA 2K19 is a deep game with a variety of features, and most of them are well done ,especially for My GM and MyLeague modes. Which you can simulate the real match as you want. For the last six years, 2K Sports has added some new features in NBA 2K19 and if you want want to play these modes and win the NBA final for your team. You should make the realistic setting for these mode, here GamePretty will give you all the settings and sliders for NBA 2K19 MyGM and MyLeague Challenging Reality.


Timeout/ Manual
Substitution/ Manual
Substitution Method/ Rotation
Offensive PlayVision/ All Plays
Playcalling Display/ Full
Playcalling Messages/ Show All
Offense Playcalling/ Auto
Defense Playcalling/ Manual
Late-Game Fouling/ Auto OR Manual
Defensive Communication/ OFF
System Proficiency/ Pace & Space

Game Difficulty/ Custom
Quarter Length/ 12 Minutes
Sim Quarter Length/ 12 Minutes
Fatigue/ On
Game Speed/ 50
Free Throw Difficulty/ 45
Foul Out/ 6
Shooting Type/ User Timing
Free Throw Shooting Type/ User Time

Inside Shot Success 58/43
Close Shot Success 58/43
Mid-Range Success 58/43
3PT Success 58/49
Layup Success 58/47
Dunk in Traffic Frequency 55/45
Dunk in Traffic Success 48/48
Pass Accuracy 45/45
Alley-Oop Success 50/50
Contact Shot Success 54/50
Ball Security 50/50
Body-Up Sensitivity 100/85
Pass Speed 50/50
Driving Contact Shot Frequency 100/100
Inside Contact Shot Frequency 100/100
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff) 80/41
Layup Defense Strength (Release) 75/41
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather) 75/45
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release) 85/45
Help Defense Strength 85/65
Steal Success 55/55
Acceleration 45/50
Vertical 50/50
Strength 50/50
Stamina 50/50
Speed 45/45
Durability 50/15
Hustle 50/60
Ball handling 50/50
Hands 50/60
Dunking Ability 50/50
On-Ball Defense 100/70
Stealing 50/45
Blocking 50/50
Offensive Awareness 100/55
Defensive Awareness 100/65
Offensive Rebounding 1/1
Defensive Rebounding 1/1
Offensive Consistency 80/48
Defensive Consistency 85/65
Fatigue Rate 50/50
Lateral Quickness 45/35
Take Inside Shots 50/50
Take Close Shots 50/50
Take Mid-Range Shots 50/50
Take 3PT Shots 50/50
Post Shots 50/50
Attack the Basket 55/50
Look for Post Player 50/50
Throw Alley-Oops 50/50
Attempt Dunks 50/50
Attempt Putbacks 30/30
Play Passing Lanes 50/60
Go for On-Ball Steals 50/60
Contest Shots 100/60
Backdoor Cuts 30/30
Over the Back Foul Frequency 50/50
Charging Foul Frequency 80/80
Blocking Foul Frequency 70/70
Reaching Foul Frequency 75/70
Shooting Foul Frequency 60/60
Loose Ball Foul Frequency 60/65
Speed with Ball (Max Rating) 68/68
Speed with Ball (Min Rating) 33/33
Acceleration with Ball (Max Rating) 65/65
Acceleration with Ball (Min Rating) 33/33
Speed without Ball (Max Rating) 70/70
Speed without Ball (Min Rating) 35/35
Acceleration without Ball (Max Rating) 67/67
Acceleration without Ball (Min Rating) 35/35

Source from Operationsports

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