NBA 2K19: How to Fix Error Code A40C9996 on PS4 and XboxOne

When you are open the PS4 and want to enjoy the NBA 2K19 game, you get “there is a problem with connection to online services”, which will definitely frustrating you. The error code A40C9996 is one of the most common issues in NBA 2K19, you should try to reconnect more times or even restart the […]

NBA 2K19: How to Fix Error Code 2FD7B735 on PS4 And XboxOne?

NBA 2K19 is one of the most popular sport game all over the world, there always some issues when you are playing the game. Some of these issues could be solved simply, however others might be harder. Here Gamepretty will tech you how to fix the error code 2FD7B735 in NBA 2K19 on PS4 and […]

NBA 2K19 Ratings Update: All Players Ratings Changes List

The NBA 2018-2019 season has been started in a few month and there are some player’ performance who made us pleasantly surprised as well as who made us disappointed. 2K Sports has released a new update to some players’ ratings in NBA 2K19. There are 88 players who improve their rating and 91 players who […]

5 Tips to Takeover Court Conqueror in NBA 2K19

Court Conqueror is one of the events in NBA 2K19 and you can earn double VC when you had beat all NBA squads in the park. NBA 2K19 court conqueror will have your team up with other MyPlayers to take on AI players from various NBA teams. The park will be outfitted to look like […]

How to Fix Accessories NOT Showing Up in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K series is one of the most popular sports game all over the world, you can make your character within the game that you will take on the role of. Accessories system is one way you can really make you won as your like. However, there is a probably bug that the accessories are […]

Top 5 Features 2K Should improve in NBA 2K20

NBA 2K19 has released last month, it is said that Another year another sports game again.  the NBA 2K series are more than ten year old and the enthusiasm about this game is exhausting nearly. the NBA 2K19 has indeed made several improvement over the last year. especially for the New takover system, collisions, stealing […]

How to Make a Layup Without Being Blocked in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 has released for nearly a month, it has added some new features especially for the offense. when the player are getting in the paint as much as possible for high percentage layups and dunks in NBA 2K19, Shoot while driving near the basket, and you’ll automatically enter a layup or dunk animation. Each […]

All You Know About Error Code b77577d9 in NBA 2K19

The NBA 2K19 has released for nearly a month. however, it has been suufering from several online issues, the error code b77577d9 is one of the problem, here GamePretty will teach you what’s the error code b77577d9 and how to fix this error code.   What’s Error Code b77577d9? Some players responded that when thay […]

NBA 2K19 Trivia Answers Complete List So Far

NBA 2K19 Trivia Challenge is located in the 2K Zone between Swag’s and the Walk-On Arena. It allows you to answer up to 50 questions correct. Each correct answer gives you 25 VC. Answer each one correctly using the guide below and you should walk out with 1,250 free VC. Questions will be bulleted and […]