Necromunda Hired Gun: Chest Guide (How to Find)

This is a decent guide for any lazy enough to just look up where the chests are on a level by level basis


Introduction: Necromunda/ finding chests.

the Hive world you are on, known for guns, Necromundian Spiders imperial guard regiment, and Imperial Fists recruitment of space morons.

Finding chests is easy, a good pair of headphones can tip you off to a nearby chest. Chest’s give off a distinct tone to alert you that there is one in the area

Level 1: Kaerus

while this is the intro mission this is for replaying the mission which there are 4 chests on this map

Chest No.1

Chest No.2

Chest No.3
i highly suggest doing level 2 and getting the grappling hook for easier to get the 3rd chest, although it is doable to get it without the grappling hook.

Chest No.4

Go through the open tunnel pipe as seen in the picture

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