Necromunda Hired Gun: Dev’s FAQ (Release Time, Multiplayer?)

Here are some FAQs from Developers you may want to know before the game has been released. if you want to know the release time and whether the game multiplayer or not? you can check out the answers below.


1. What is the structure of the game?
Necromunda: Hired Gun is a linear, fast-paced FPS with a full story campaign to play through.

It includes side contracts that you can get from a central hub, and you have plenty of ways to customize your weapons and upgrade your character, but the game isn’t a looter shooter.


2. Who are you?

We’re a team of around 15 big W40k fans based in France and have been working on this project for a few years, after our last project Space Hulk: Deathwing.


3. When will it be available?

The digital version comes on June 1st.


4. What are the PC requirements?
We’re running the last tests to prepare the recommended and minimum specs. They should arrive soon.


5. Is there a multiplayer mode?
No, the game is only focused on the solo campaign


6. Can I pet the dog?
The real question is “Why wouldn’t I pet the dog?” (Yes you can pet the cyber best-boi)


7. How much is the character customisable?
You can customise your character in the game thanks to 15 preset looks, on top of various armors. Note that we don’t have a character editor.


8. Will there be a Linux version?

No Linux version is planned at the moment.


9. Is a VR version planned?

We do not plan to have a VR version for now.


10. Any DLC / Season Pass?

For now, the team is focused on the launch and launch support. No additional content is planned at the moment.

However, we haven’t excluded the possibility of post-launch content if the game is very successful.


11. Which gangs and factions will we encounter?

You can expect Goliaths and Eschers to block your way, but they won’t be your only source of trouble.


You can get more information about the game from the official website. all the FAQs credit to Developer mzulftna.

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