Necromunda Underhive Wars: 8 Tips to Dominate the Underhive

Prepare for your journey into the dark and cavernous belly of the Underhive with these 8 essential tips. Necromunda: Underhive Wars launches today at midnight CEST!


Explore various builds

Bend your gang’s abilities to your will. Customize the load-outs of your 15 fighters down to the smallest detail, and choose the way you want to fight. Prioritize skills and passive abilities as they level up and grow in power. As they develop and go through battles, they will gain injuries and natural talents, which as a good leader, you’ll need to be aware of to build the right team for the job.


Dive into the campaign

Learn the ins and outs of crushing your enemy through the story campaign. You’ll be introduced to all three gangs, their strengths, perks, territory and more, at your own pace. You’ll get your fair share of backstabbing, allegiances, and mayhem as well, courtesy of Necromunda veteran and Underhive Wars writer Andy Chambers.


Movement is crucial

Before you rush off and get sliced by an Escher or broken by a Goliath, take a moment to think through your path. Thanks to its gridless movement system, Necromunda: Underhive Wars gives you considerable freedom and manner of movement, and the precision of your positioning. If there are any gangers with long lifespans out there, they plan their moves ahead.


Sabotage & Tinker

The Saboteur and Lay Mechanic classes are masters of the machines and hazards of the Underhive. Sabotage an interactable to make it ineffective or dangerous to unsuspecting enemies, or repair it with Tinker. The control of the interactables adds another layer of tactics to the battlefield, so make sure you don’t overlook them.


Use the Underhive to your advantage

The Underhive is a huge and inhospitable place full of deadly traps and hazards. Use them to gain an edge over other gangs. Lure them into a deadly gas vent and then zipline away. The possibilities are endless, so always look out for interactables in the map and make the most of them.


Secure the high ground

The goal of reaching the top in Necromunda is both figurative and literal. High ground gives you strong bonuses to both your aim and resistance. Several skills also require high ground to be used at all. Once you’re up there, you’ll want to actively prevent the enemy from reaching you. There’s nothing better than to look down on your enemies from a position of power.


Overwatch and Ambush

During your turn, you can put your ganger into Overwatch and Ambush stances. This will poise them to wait for enemy movement and attack on the enemy turn if they come into your range. It also interrupts and locks the enemy’s spent movement points, making it a highly efficient way to ruin your opponent’s plans.


Special weapon skills

Make sure to make full use of your special weapon skills, such as Trick Shot, Heavy Barrage, and Aimed Shot. With these you can take down several enemies, covering a large area with a hail of bullets, and causing debuffs and massive damage to priority targets. Also keep your gang’s particular perks in mind, and change your gameplay to suit their strengths. The poisoned blades of the Escher, for example, calls for a different approach to killing.

We hope these tips help in your fight to survive and dominate in the Underhive. Pick your gang, develop their skills, earn your scars, and lead them to endless war.

By Jellyfoosh

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