NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements in NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD. Spoiler Alert!!!



MonetizationGet YOUR Very Own Paypig Today!

Reach 100K Followers.

MilestoneThose who don’t fight won’t survive.

Reach 1M Followers.

Cut WristsMy love is going crazy.

Upon reaching stress level 80, Ame will prompt you to cut her wrists.

OverdosedIt’s poison for you.

Overdose on any of your medication.

Smoked grassIt’ll all be better soon.

Smoke magic grass. (Unlocks at mental darkness level 60)

Took psychedelicsThis messed-up internet is a psychedelic rainbow.

Use magic paper. (Unlocks at mental darkness level 80)

SMTThe internet died… and I was given life.

For every night you pass with mental darkness level 100, the program RNG’s a number between 0-100. If by any chance it lands on 66, you can get this achievement.
The easiest way to achieve this is after getting all other achievements, getting a savefile where you raise Ame-chan’s mental darkness to 100, then smoking magic grass day and night ’til day 29, then rolling back if you did not get it within that timeperiod.


FlatlineThe bond between us has finally broken. There’s too much unspoken, we’re falling so far apart.
Fail to respond to Ame’s JIME messages five times.

So Close Yet So Far I need you desperately, oh here am I waiting for you…

Fail to reach 10K followers by the end of day 10.

NymphomaniaA perplexing thing called love took over, and then I couldn’t keep my heart-space from splitting in two.

Have *** with Ame six times.

Normie LifeI’m living in a rat race, I’m looking for my soul in the lost and found.

Reach mental darkness level 0.

Cucked The bitter scent of candy remains embedded in my heart, can’t make my way home ’til the rain lets up.

Reach affection level 0.

Ground Control to Psychoelectric AngelEven if we’re on different wavelengths, I know you’ll still understand me, and that’s what I love about you.

Reach affection level 100.

Bomber GirlP-chan go explode
Reach stress level 120. (Max stress level cap will increase as you repeatedly raise her stress levels)

INTERNET OVERDOSEPlease take only the recommended internet dosage.

Ending triggers when max stress level cap is 120 and stress level is above 80 on day 25.

Fallen AngelFly away now, fly away now, fly away…

Reach sexy stream 5.

Welcome to my ReligionCome and worship KAngel…

Reach conspiracy theories stream 5 and continue onto next day’s stream.

Painful FutureAll around me are familiar faces, worn out places.

Reach breakdown stream 5.

Blazing HellMoeagare, Moeagare ANGEL!

Random encounter event while mental darkness level is above 60. When Ame asks you to buy her charcoal, reply with an “Okay.” This is a fake ending; the game will let you continue after faking a game over screen

Rainbow GirlI’m sorry I can’t come out of this screen 🙁

Use magic paper on five different days. Each of the first four times will leave you with a new log on your desktop the following day.

There Are No AngelsHop and step, may I have this dance? This is the world’s end, shall we do the “one, two”?

Reach day 30 with less than 500K followers, affection level below 60, and mental darkness level above 60.

Labor is evil You better work ♥♥♥♥♥.

Reach day 30 with less than 500K followers, affection level above 60, and mental darkness level below 60.

Needy Girl OverdoseMY darling would catch a grenade for me. What about yours?

Reach day 30 with less than 500K followers, affection level above 60, and mental darkness level below 60.

CatastropheWouldn’t it be wonderful being together all alone, walking hand in hand?

Reach day 30 with less than 500K followers, affection level below 60, mental darkness level below 60.

Utopian ParodyOur world is happy and mundane, no more anger.

Reach day 30 with between 500K and 1M followers, and affection level above 80.

Nerdy Girl OverloadHeartless Angel

Reach day 30 with between 500K and 1M followers, and affection level below 80.

Do You Love Me?I looove love love you.

Reach day 30 with over 1M followers, affection level above 80, and mental darkness level above 80.

(Un)happy End World I am a superstar with a big, big house and a big, big car! I am a superstar and… I don’t really care, actually.

Reach day 30 with over 1M followers, affection level above 80 and mental darkness level below 80.

Happy End World Quit the internet.

Redo day 30 with the savefile from the last achievement, this time with your computer’s internet connection off.

Comment te dire adieuThis is your perfect adieu… good to the last drop.

You will find a new savefile upon unlocking all other endings (except Happy End World). Closing all of the windows upon completion of the ending will let you read secret.txt. The file will also appear as a question mark in the savefiles page, next to all the reached endings.

Stream Ideas

Stream Type
Chat & Chill 1
Chat & Chill 2
Internet -> /st/
Chat & Chill 3
Go Out -> Park
Chat & Chill 4
Internet -> Social Media
Chat & Chill 5
Internet -> Social Media
Sexy Stream 1
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Sexy Stream 2
Hang Out -> ***
Sexy Stream 3
Internet -> Video Streaming
Sexy Stream 4
Go Out -> Shibuya
Sexy Stream 5
Hang Out -> ***
Letsplay 1
Hang Out -> Play Game
Letsplay 2
Go Out -> Akihabara
Letsplay 3
Internet -> Social Media
Letsplay 4
Go Out -> Nakano
Letsplay 5
Hang Out -> Play Game
Angel Explains 1
Internet -> Video Streaming
Angel Explains 2
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Angel Explains 3
Hang Out -> Play Game
Angel Explains 4
Internet -> Social Media
Angel Explains 5
Medication -> Magic Paper
Nerd Talk 1
Internet -> Video Streaming
Nerd Talk 2
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Nerd Talk 3
Sleep -> Sleep Until Dusk
Nerd Talk 4
Medication -> Magic Smoke
Nerd Talk 5
Internet -> Social Media
KAngel Tries Stuff 1
Go Out -> Harajuku
KAngel Tries Stuff 2
Internet -> Vanity Search
KAngel Tries Stuff 3
Internet -> Video Streaming
KAngel Tries Stuff 4
Internet -> Dinder
KAngel Tries Stuff 5
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Conspiracy Theories 1
Internet -> Social Media
Conspiracy Theories 2
Hang Out -> Play Game
Conspiracy Theories 3
Internet -> Video Streaming
Conspiracy Theories 4
Medication -> Magic Paper
Conspiracy Theories 5
Medication -> Magic Paper
Breakdown Stream 1
Medication -> Depaz GO!
Breakdown Stream 2
Internet -> Vanity Search
Breakdown Stream 3
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Breakdown Stream 4
Medication -> Embian GO!
Breakdown Stream 5
Medication -> Magic Smoke
Netlore 1
Internet -> /st/
Netlore 2
Internet -> /st/
Netlore 3
Go Out -> Ichigaya
Netlore 4
Internet -> Social Media
Netlore 5
Internet -> /st/
Sponsorships 1
Sponsorships 2
Internet -> Video Streaming
Sponsorships 3
Hang Out -> Play Game
Sponsorships 4
Hang out -> Spend Time Together
Sponsorships 5
Internet -> Vanity Search
Sleep -> Sleep Until Tomorrow
Hang Out -> Spend Time Together
Hang Out -> ***
Internet -> Video Streaming
Internet -> Dinder
Internet Angel 1
Internet Angel 2
Internet Angel 3
Internet Angel 4
Internet Angel 5

Thanks to mikitan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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