Neighbours from Hell: How to get Widescreen

Here, you will see how to get widescreen in NfH!


So if you played NfH, you probably saw that there is only 800×600 resulation. And if you want to have your device resulation, you found good tutorial! So here’s steps:
1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Neighbours from Hell\bin and create a shortcut of game.exe. (You need to do it because it won’t work on Steam shortcut).
2. Go to JoWood/NFH1, usually it’s on documents but if you can’t find it, press Windows key and type “JoWood”. It should appear, open it and go to NFH1.
3. Open gameoptions.xml and find screen fullscreen=”true”. Change from true to false (screen fullscreen=”false”).
4. And finally we back to shortcut, right click it, go to properties, change “Normal Window” to “Maximized” and save the settings.
5. Done! Open game and enjoy!
If it’s not working for you, type issue in comments and I’ll try to help you.
Credit to RysieQu

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