Neon White: All Red Medal Time List

Complete list of all Red Medal times   Intro Red Medals are for beating the Dev (“torahhorse” on the leaderboard). Normally you can only see these once you have beaten them, but it’s convenient to know what target time you’re shooting for – you can technically view these in game, on the global leaderboard looking […]

Neon White: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide contains the unlock requirements for every achievement. This guide does not contain the exact location of every present nor how to ace every level. Spoiler Alert!!!   Unmissable Achievements All of these will be unlocked automatically by completing levels Mission 1 Complete Complete Mission 1 Mission 2 Complete Complete Mission 2 Mission 3 […]

Neon White: Job 2 Gift Locations

Gift locations with pictures and explanations on how to reach them.   Job 2 – Killer Inside The presents were already collected in these screenshots, the red circle is accurate to their locations 1 – Take Flight This gift sits at the top of the tower in front of you as you start. Go through […]

Neon White: Job 1 Gift Locations

Gift locations with pictures and explanations on how to reach them. Key for the arrow colours: Black – Run/Jump Normally Yellow – Pistol Card Ability Purple – Rifle Bomb Ability   Job 1 – Rebirth 1 – Movement Head to the end of the level, where the water ring is. The gift is sitting on […]

Neon White: Config File Location on Windows (Mouse sensitivity, custom FPS cap, etc)

Shows the location of the configuration file on Windows and some key configuration entries to edit for Neon White   Configuration Location C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Little Flag Software, LLC\Neon White\<STEAM64 ID>\prefs.dat Open up prefs.dat in a text editor for the full configuration list. Mouse Sensitivity and Framerate Limit “mouseSensitivity”: 0.319, I play 35.830 cm/360 at 800 DPI. I […]