Neverwinter: Soshenstar River Treasure Map Farming & Location Guide

Here you will find a detailed guide on all the treasure map locations for the Jungles of Chult – Soshenstar River area in Neverwinter with easy to find screenshots.


Jungles of Chult – Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations

This will give you a rough idea of the area you need to be in for each map.

In the bottom right of the screenshots are the co-ordinates of where that chests is located.
You can find the co-ordinates of where you are in game by pressing M and looking at the bottom left corner of your map.

Treasure Map Farming
I’ll start by saying I’m afraid this title is misleading, you can only “farm” 6 maps per week.
Yep I’m afraid The Jungles of Chult are extremely tight with their treasure maps.The way to get these maps it by going to Wakanga O’tamu in Port Nyanzaru and completing the “Patrolling Chult (6x weekly)” quest.
In order to complete this quest you have to complete a “(Patrol)” quest (guides will be added later).

When you hand in a (Patrol) quest it will then allow you to hand in Patrolling Chult (6x weekly) quest to which you will be given a random treasure map.

It really is that simple.

Location 1

There is a group of spiders that surround the Ubtao shrine, it is possible to get to the chest and empty it without aggro, but sometimes they will stray into your aggro circle, be mindful of this.

Location 2

There is a mob too close to this chest to be able to dig it up without aggro, your options here are to either kill the group, or if they’re too tough for you then it shouldn’t be too long before someone takes them out ‘cos they’re stood over a popular repeatable quest npc.

Location 3

If you are low level then it can be tricky getting to this one without pulling aggro from several groups on route to it.
On the plus side the area is a popular killing ground for players doing one of the repeatable quests.
Once at the chest site, it is safe to dig up and empty without fear of being ambushed.

Location 4

This is a really tough one to get to for lower level players, it is pretty much impossible to get to without pulling aggro from several groups (unless you have stealth of course).
If you cannot handle these groups then you might want to wait awhile, the area has the objectives to two repeatable quests, so it shouldn’t take too long before someone is along to clear the path for you.

Location 5

It is easy to get to this chest, just be mindful that sometimes a T-Rex patrols passed it, and will likely ambush you from behind if you’re not too careful.

Location 6

This one is easy to get to and easy to empty without aggro, just keep an eye on the neighboring dino’s.

Location 7

This is a dangerous one, there is a T-Rex that patrols beside it, it will ambush you don’t see it coming, and the neighboring dino’s often stray into aggro circle of you or your companion.

Location 8

This one has two mobs that you are likely to aggro on route to it.

Location 9

You can get to this one without aggro, and once reached it is safe.

Location 10

This area is heavily harvested due to a repeatable quest, depending on how lucky you are it is possible to get to and empty this one without fighting anything.

Just be careful ‘cos the respawn rate of the neighboring mob is quite fast and you will pull aggro.

Location 11

There is one mob that stands directly over this chest.

Location 12

Mobs everywhere, and a dino to get through, this one can get real messy real quick, approach it carefully.

Treasure Chest Contents
Campaign Items:-

Voodoo Dolls:-


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