New Pokemon Snap: All Ancient Ruins Locations

New Pokémon Snap is a 2021 on-rails first-person photography game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo Switch. here is a summary of the locations of ancient ruins.


All Locations of ancient ruins

Park (Illumina spot)

Ancient ruins of the park Illumina spot

Ancient ruins exist at the Illumina Spot in Floreo Park. It’s on the right side near the goal, so use your search to find it.



Ancient ruins in the jungle

Ancient ruins exist at the root of a large tree in the jungle. You can shoot day and night, so let’s shoot with your favorite person. The daytime map is easier to shoot because the surroundings are brighter and easier to see.



Ancient ruins of the volcanoJust before the goal of the volcano, the ancient ruins exist. It is shaped to go through the gate of the ancient ruins to the goal, so take a picture before going through the gate.


Volcano (Illumina spot)

Ancient ruins of volcanic Illumina spotImmediately after the start of the volcanic illumination spot, you can take a picture of the ancient ruins by turning around. Players may find it difficult to notice because it looks like they are starting from the gates of ancient ruins.



Ancient ruins of JukaiThere is an ancient ruin on the left side near the goal of Aokigahara Forest. You can find it by turning left when you pass through the downhill cave.


Aokigahara (Illumina Spot)

Ancient ruins of Jukai Illumina Spot

At the Illumina Spot in Aokigahara, there are ancient ruins underwater. It’s easy to find if you use the search skillfully.



Ancient ruins in the seaAncient ruins in the sea are on the root side of the deep sea. There are many points that can be searched, so be careful about the omission of the check.



Ancient ruins in the snowfieldThe ancient ruins of the snowfield are located in an ice cave. Since it is necessary to find a branch route on each of the day and night maps of the snowfield, let’s start by finding the branch route.

You can shoot day and night.



Ancient ruins of the caveThe ancient ruins exist just before the goal of the branch route to the basement of the cave. After getting down to the basement, you can shoot from either branch route, but it may be easier to shoot on the branch side where Kuchito passes.


Cave (Illumina spot)

Ancient ruins of the cave Illumina spotThe ancient ruins at the Illumina Spot of the cave are the murals you see in the story. Even if you shoot during the story, it will not react as an ancient ruin, so when you visit again, follow the branch route and shoot.



Ancient ruins of ruinsThe ancient ruins of the ruins are large stone buildings in front of you right after the start. It’s in an easy-to-understand location, but don’t forget to shoot it as it may leak when you’re shooting Pokemon.


Ruins (Illumina Spot)

Ruins Ancient ruins of Illumina SpotThe ancient ruins at the Illumina Spot of the ruins are mural paintings similar to the Illumina Spot of the cave. There are many cases where shooting is omitted, so be sure to take a picture when shooting Pokemon.


There are total of 12 locations for ancient ruins in the game.  hope this lists will help you get all ancient ruins in New Pokemon Snap game.

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