New World: How to Use a Controller

This is a guide on how to use a controller for the game New World. Read on to find out what controllers can be used in New World, and how to set a controller up.   Does New World Have Controller Support Controllers Are Not Fully Supported On Launch Unfortunately, the developers of New World […]

New World: Factions Guide (Which One to Choose)

This guide will break down the 3 different available factions in New World and explain what they’re all about.   The Three There are three distinct different factions that you can choose from. Once you advance through the starting quests and reach level 10, you will be given the choice… ​ The Marauders ​ The Syndicate ​ […]

New World: All Titles (How to Unlock)

Here is a guide to unlocking every Title.   PVE Master-At-Arms Defeat 800 named Corrupted enemies. Corruption Reaver Defeat 2,000 Corrupted Enemies. Humanity’s Defender Defeat 8,000 Corrupted Enemies.   Firebrand Defeat 800 named Lost enemies. Lost Dominator Defeat 2,000 Lost Enemies. Soul Sunderer Defeat 8,000 Lost Enemies.   Paladin of Terra Defeat 800 named Angry […]

New World: How to Fix “@mm_authresult_Http_Error_Response_Code” Connection Failed Error

Do you get a “Connection failed” error as soon as you launch the game? I do too. Here is how to fix it. This fix only regards @mm_authresult_Http_Error_Response_Code error.   @mm_authresult_Http_Error_Response_Code So you played for few hours perfectly fine, but now all of sudden you cannot log into game? You get this error right after […]

New World: All Achievements (How to Get)

Here is a full list of all achievements in New World. you can obtain most of them through easily.   Hidden — 22 PvP PvP Kills I: Vengeance Granted Personally defeat 500 other players PvP Kills II: Target-rich Environment Personally defeat 5,000 other players PvP Kills III: No Hard Feelings, I Hope Personally defeat 10,000 […]