Here’s The Halloween, Autumn and Winter 2018 Steam Sale Dates

Steam conducts several large-scale sales on its games store every year, and the Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sale data has been leaked, which means we now have the exact start and end times of the three major upcoming Steam sales, so it’s time to get your wallet prepared! Steam Halloween Sale Start and End Times -Monday, October 29th at […]

Artifact Beta Is Delayed To Next Month

Artifact’s beta was offcially listed as october but it’s obviously that It won’t be happening this month anymore, for those who received access to the beta by going this year’s International Dota 2 tournament did have had the game added to their accounts, but it’s not yet playable.   The notice informing them they’ve received […]

Black Ops 4 The Black Markets Has Returned

All the Black Ops 4 Players now are about to earn items by complete the progression of Black Market, which means a ton of new ways to show off your personal style. Black Ops 4’s Contraband Items will be seasonal based through Operations, with new Operation delivering new content every few months. The first Operation […]

Days Gone’s Release Date Has Been Delayed To April 26, 2019

According to PlayStation.Blog, the release date of Days Gone has been delayed from February to April, the release date of Days Gone is now April 26, 2019, and here is what they say about this delay: We want to share a change in release date for this highly anticipated title from Bend Studio. We recently […]

Everyone in Battlefield V’s Campaign Will Speak Their own Language

If you speak multiple languages, it must feels wired when everyone is speaking English in a country where people should be speaking another language you know, well, that won’t bother you in Battlefield V’s campaign mode! Every characters in the war stories are speaking in their respective language. — Jeff (DICE) (@EA_DICE) October 17, 2018 […]