Nexomon: Nexo-Gear Guide

Everyone who plays Nexomon have to know about gear, right? Well, in this Steam version – every items are included in total price of this game in the store. That prices are included every avatars, every pets, Golden Nexotrap that’s enough for every catchable Legendary Nexomon – Omnicron and his childrens. (Wardens will be automatically in Nexomon storage after we defeat all of their minions), and of course – every single of [Nexo-Gear] are included, too.

Every Nexo-Gears have their own valuable effects that’s help us do somethings easier – like level farming, Nexomon Searching, etc. – but with great power comes with great responsibility…we have to pay additionally for these gears in iOS version and Android version with our real money. But don’t you worry anymore, VEWO make all of them free in Steam version – but it’s not that easy to obtain them, because they’re hiding in the game world with item sparkling effect just like normal items.

In this guide, I’ll show you every location for all of 5 Nexo-Gears – so you guys don’t have to worry about your Nexomon’s strength and tactics. These guys also helps you to get some of achievements, too.


Nexo-Gear 01 – Skates

Gear : Skates

Location : Ignitia, where we first met Matthew – Ron’s missing employee and who gave us [NexoCore]. He’s pastel red-haired one who’s running away from Nexolord’s minoins.

Effect : Make you move faster

Nexo-Gear 02 – Repel Spray

Gear : Repel Spray

Location : Hidden Village, where we met Khan Healer for the first time with Warp Totem of Hidden Village

Effect : Avoid every wild encounters

Nexo-Gear 03 – EXP Share

Gear : EXP Share

Location : Phantom Citadel, at Alfred’s house after we defeat Hilda’s Monexus (That’s what Hilda said after we defeat it. Here’s the prove that Hilda is the tamer of this foul Monexus.)

Effect : Split EXP among our party members. Doesn’t stack with similar items.

Nexo-Gear 04 – Nexocharm

Gear : Nexocharm

Location : Palmaya Beach, inside Nexo Store

Effect : Attract rare Nexomon

Gear required to obtain achievements :

  1. FIRST CAPTURE : Catch your very first Nexomon!
  2. COLLECT 10 NEXOMON : Capture 10 wild Nexomon
  3. COLLECT 30 NEXOMON : Capture 30 wild Nexomon
  4. COLLECT 60 NEXOMON : Capture 60 wild Nexomon
  5. COLLECT 120 NEXOMON : Capture 120 wild Nexomon
  6. COLLECT 180 NEXOMON : Capture 180 wild Nexomon
  7. COLLECT 240 NEXOMON : Capture 240 wild Nexomon
  8. COLLECT 300 NEXOMON : Capture 300 wild Nexomon
  9. COLLECT ALL 309 NEXOMON! : Collect all monsters! A true master!
  10. CAPTURE FONA : Capture the legendary fire Nexomon Fona!
  11. CAPTURE VENTRA : Capture the legendary wind Nexomon Ventra!
  12. CAPTURE ARQUA : Capture the legendary water Nexomon Arqua!
  13. CAPTURE LUXA : Capture the legendary electric Nexomon Luxa!
  14. CAPTURE GRUNDA : Capture the legendary Mineral Nexomon Grunda!
  15. CAPTURE NARA : Capture the legendary plant Nexomon Nara!
  16. CAPTURE METTA : Capture the legendary mystery Metta!
  17. CAPTURE OMNICRON : Capture the ultimate Nexomon Omnicron!

Nexo-Gear 05 – EXP Multiplier

Gear : EXP Multiplier

Location : Frozen Tundra, at Resistance camp before go to Nexolord Tower

Effect : Duplicate EXP among our party members. Doesn’t stack with similar items.

Gear required to obtain achievements :

  4. REBORN NEXOMON LEVEL 30+ : Own a reborn Nexomon and reach level 30+
  5. REBORN NEXOMON LEVEL 60+ : Own a reborn Nexomon and reach level 60+
  6. REBORN NEXOMON LEVEL 99+ : Own a reborn Nexomon and reach level 99+

By Sincronizar

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