Night of the Dead: Dedicated Server Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to setup a dedicated server.



64-bit Windows
(Linux is not currently supported. I’m currently working on it.)4 GB available space
Memory: 16 GB RAM


  • Install SteamCMD on your host (SteamCMD Download Link)
  • Launch SteamCMD on your host and use it to download the server files.(Remove the < > and replace them with double quotes, for example, force_install_dir “C:\NOTDServer”)
    (app id : 1420710)
  • Steam> login anonymous
  • Steam> force_install_dir <install_dir>
  • Steam> app_update 1420710 validate
  • Steam> exit


We basically use the two ports below.
UDP 27015 : Game query port
UDP 7777 : Game client portSet the ports as an exception in the firewall.
Open these ports through Port-Forwarding.

To learn more about port forwarding and firewalls,
we recommend Google with the following keywords.
keywords : port forward gameopen windows firewall port

If you would like to change the port you are using, the next step will explain how to change the port.


  1. In the installed folder, open “ServerSettings.ini” to edit as desired.
     Please change the default in each section to the desired value.
    for example :

    • Save file location : <install_dir>\LF\Saved\SaveGames
       You can save and load the save file by matching SaveName (in [SystemSettings]) and the save in the above location.
  2. Run StartServer.bat

    • a. (Optional) If you want, you can edit StartServer.bat to change which port you use.(for example : LF\Binaries\Win64\LFServer.exe ?listen -log -Port=7779 -QueryPort=27016)


You can find servers in Multiplayer->Dedicated->Join Game.

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    (October 10, 2020 - 5:22 am)

    Hello, sorry, but -Port parametr not working, my server starts with 1985 port, instead -Port set to 7777. Query port working and i can change it without a problem. How can i set port? Please help.

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