Nioh 2 The Complete Edition: How to Fix Xinput1_4.dll Error in Win 7

Nioh 2 is now available on Steam. however, it isn’t officially compatible with Win 7, because it requires Directx12. There’s a buttload of people still using Win 7 for various legitimate reasons, however. Initially, I couldn’t get the game to run. But I figured out how to make it run anyway with very little effort. Takes like 20 minutes max.

1.) Install all essential AND optional Windows 7 updates
1a.) Hit Windows Key, type “Windows Update” and install all updates

2.) Get the latest available DirectX11 for Windows 7
2b.) Restart your computer

3.) Run Nioh 2 as administrator
3a.) Steam Library -> Nioh 2 -> Properties -> Browse Local Files
3b.) Nioh 2 Properties -> Compatiblity -> Check Run as Administrator

4.) Trick Nioh 2 into running on Directx11
4a.) Go to X:\Windows\System32
4b.) Find xinput1_3.dll
4c.) Copy and paste said xinput1_3.dll
4d.) Rename the copy to “xinput1_4.dll

5.) Play Nioh 2 on Windows 7

Credit to Pragg

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