No Haste Walkthrough V1.3

Here is a full walkthrough for version 1.3 of No Haste.


the first big hall

When you start a normal solo adventure, you go through the big gate, into the hall. In the middle there are four numbers on the palettes:1856  this is the password for the door, which is on the bottom right as seen from the gate (also directly on the right from the gate).

Labyrinth + Locked Door

If you go through the door, you are in a maze. To get through there, you have to go left to the wall and then left again to the end. The key to the locked door is on the shelf in the same room

the supermarket (EASY MODE)

If you are through the door and right up to the toilets, the search game begins. This is the same game as ESAY MODE, means you have to find objects with certain textures. The first object can be found by the toilets next to a sink. As soon as the next closed door comes, which you can easily open, the remaining 9 objects come. I tried to describe this in the attached picture. If you have now found all 10 objects you can flee through the EXIT, which is located at the back of the supermarket.

I streamed the game in German and uploaded it to YouTube, here is the part where I play through the game

Thanks to Onii-san for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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