No King No Kingdom: How to Get Stone and Iron

Guide for beginners on how to get stone and iron


How to get stone and iron

Campaign mode
There is no stone in starting area, so we need to travel to a new lands

First, we need to select all units so they will travel with us. (To do this click tab-> staff-> Select all units)

Click on compass and click “Out on global map”

Now we can see our King on global map!

Stone can be found in Stoneheart or stone deposit (click on location to enter)
Also when you restore the Stoneheart it will start to produce stone passively

This how stone look like

In the same way we can find iron

Sandbox mode
We need to find stone deposit on global map and enter with peasants

Also we can build a quarry that will produce stone automatically

Simple mission & challenge
Stone and iron can be found on the right hill


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