No Man’s Sky: How to Fix Repeat 16 Bug on New Endurance Update

Quick manual fix for new Repeat 16 bug on new Endurance saves.


Save Editor

Use the goatfungus save editor available on github


This is a manual fix for the new “Repeat 16” BUG affecting new Endurance saves.
I use the GOATFUNGUS editor available on github.
1. Open your save w/the editor
2. Under the Edit menu, select “Edit Raw JSON”
3. Expand “PlayerStateData”
4. Expand “MissionProgress”
5. Locate ID [61]
6. This Mission should be named: “^TUT_BASEBUILD” <- if not, find this mission
7. Change the “Progress”:163 to 164
8. Close and save
9. Choose “Save Changes” button
Load your save in the game and progress the mission as normal.
Method Credit to Geldric

New Endurance Update July 2022

ENDURANCE brings a complete overhaul of freighters and fleets, allowing players to live and work aboard their home in the stars, together with their own crew. A new bridge brings a range of quality of life improvements, with instant access to warping and teleportation. Players can now build vast freighter bases on a scale not seen before, with specially themed areas and new features for growing food and manufacturing, and new technology like the ability to scan and analyse planets from space.

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