No More Heroes: How to Fix the Game Does Not Open

Here are two methods for you to solve the game does not open issue for the No More Heroes game.


Method 1
So I was able to open the game smoothly by downloading this two DLL files
Once downloaded from this page:
You have to put it inside the folder of the game nothing more, where the .exe is and if you had the same problem as me the game can start quietly

Method 2
Go to the no more heroes folder, once in that folder starts the game .exe, once you start the game if it throws error telling you that dll files are missing Use this page to find that same file you’re missing:
Once you downloaded your DLL files only there you paste them into the game folder where the game launcher is and there should go everything normally.

These solutions also work for No More Heroes 2, if you are playing No More Heroes 2. you can also try the two methods to fix the issue. all credit to Steam Community Dead-, Thanks for his great solutions.

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