Nova Drift: Beginners’ Guide

In depth beginners guide, offering tips and tricks, to help you master Nova Drift.


Controls (key mapping)

Most users will just flash into the game, to find out that the game is perfectly playable with the mouse. Accelerating, shooting and steering. What more do you need?

1st beginner tip:
– go to control settings, see there are more options like strafe, reverse and blink (teleport short distance) and assign each of these functions to your mouse – or go oldschool, and use the keyboard.

Keep Moving

Keep Moving, even if only at a snail pace. Staying stationary puts a target on your head and you are less likely to avoid incoming attacks.

Avoid getting hit if you are not in time to shoot the enemy spawn !

Plan Ahead.

The game allows for very powerful builds and at the same time also for really pathetic builds.

Know what upgrade you need to get, in order to ‘unlock’ the next skill tree !

2 examples
the following 2 examples are not mine, i only copied some info from the creators website[]

Example 1

Example Build 1:
Seeking Cluster Grenade

The Seeking Cluster Grenade build focuses on creating as many grenade splinters as possible using the Grenade weapon and sends them tearing toward targets using the Heat Seeking mod. The overlapping blasts from the initial explosion add up to a huge amount of damage at the epicenter, while the seeking clusters handle crowd control.

Example 2

Example Build 2:
Celestial Shield-Bomber

The Celestial Shield-Bomber build takes advantage of the Hullbreaker’s speed and resilience to crash damage to slam directly into enemies. The fragile Amp Shield is used not for defense, but to augment Hullbreaker’s strongest aspects, gaining increased speed and force. The shield will break on impact, but we can capitalize on that using the Volatile Shields mod, which detonates the shield when it goes down, blasting all nearby enemies. Flash Shielding gets it running again quickly while Emergency Systems grant a moment of damage immunity, making charge attacks safer. Finally, Celestial Lance is used to deal burning damage to everything around the ship at high velocities!

Written by mr Green

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