Nuclear Throne: How to Get the Melting B-Skin 2021

Get to the throne with Melting, but with a catch: Don’t use Rhino Skin and Strong Spirit . Sounds easy, right??

Countless hours showed me how much I suck at this game, I still somehow managed to get Melting’s B. Here is how: Decision making!

Weapons, crowns, mutations … these things harmonize, so get a good build. Don’t despair, think ahead, read this guide. Spoiler warning!


1. Permanently unlock a good starting weapon (my favorite: golden shotgun)

Good fire power comes in handy as super fragile melting, as literally anything kills if you don’t fire first. If you already know how to unlock other starting weapons than the revolver read no further.

My favorite starting weapon for Melting is the golden shotgun. With this you can eat through the enemies of the first levels pretty fast. Keep in mind, you can have only one alternative starting weapon unlocked at a time and you only get the starting weapon for the character you unlock it with. So:

  • Start as Melting. Ideally, you get your hands on mutations like Rhino SkinStrong Spirit and Gamma Gutts
  • Get a screwdriver
  • Reach the first scrapyard level (3-1)
  • Hit the golden framed car with the screwdriver to fix it. It will then have wings, press the special button (E or R2) on top of the car to enter Y.V’s Mansion
  • Find the super special chest with the golden weapon in it and cross your fingers that it’s something useful
  • Finish Y.V’s Mansion with the golden weapon in your hand
  • Die after you see in the bottom right corner that the golden *something* has been unlocked
  • Repeat if necessary

My personal order for Melting’s best starting weapons is:

  1. Golden Shotgun
  2. Golden Assault rifle
  3. Golden Machinegun
  4. Golden Crossbow
  5. Golden Laser pistol
  6. Golden Slugger
  7. Revolver and everything else

The reason is that you don’t want to get too close to the enemies as Melting. Golden Wrench is cool and all, but when you have 2 HP and you miss a hit, you’re dead.

2. Permanently unlock the Crown of Risk (50% more drops)

The crown of risks gives you a 50% higher chance of drops. Why is this so good as Meltig with 2 HP? Because you are at full HP most of the time. So when you unlock this crown, you get these 50% extra drops almost for free (the cursed chests and IDPD guys granted).

If you know how to unlock crowns for a character read no further.

In the game you get a crow by entering Crown Vault in level 3-2 or 5-2. You can unlock crowns for a character by looping with that particular crown and that particular character. Now as Melting, looping with Rhino Skin and Strong Spirit is surely easier than climbing the throne without those mutations. So, why not unlock the crown the normal way?

  • Get to level 3-2 or 5-2
  • Activate the Protostatue with some shots
  • Charge it with the rad drops of the by-standing enemies
  • Enter the Crown Vault and unlock the Crown of Risk
  • Loop


3. The big day. Climb that throne. Useful SHORTCUT, mutations and weapons

You have unlocked a good golden weapon and the Crown of Risk. You are ready for the throne. Still, there are many tries ahead of you. These hints may help you:

Shortcut: Skip to 3-3 in no time. How? Before killing any (or too many) enemies in 1-1, open all chests and the rad cannister. The bandid boss will appear. Kill him fast. Close range with the (golden) shotgun will do the trick. If you succeed, you will go to the secret Oasis level. Finishing this level will teleport you to 3-3. In some way, this will make the game much harder for you, some harsh first levels, few mutations, only basic weapons.. On the other hand also save a lot of time. Little Hunter is mercyless and even with good mutation your chances of beating him with 2 HP are low. Mapgen and Enemy spawns are quite important factors for beating him, too. Going through the Oasis will get you there in 3 Minutes and give you more tries in less time.

Unfortunately, I have no real hints how to beat Little Hunter. This bad boy is probably the highest hurtle on the way. Long range, maybe, bolt-weapons with Bolt Marrow. Otherwise Assault Slugger with Shotgun Shoulders. Get used to his spawn and fire patterns and try to use what the game throws at you.

Dos (in this order): Gamma Gutts, Boiling Vains, Trigger Fingers, Plutonium Hunger, Throne Butt, Euphoria.
Dont’s: Rhino Skin, Strong Spirit, Bloodlust (you will rarely loose only 1 HP), Second Stomach, Eagle Eyes, Sharp Teeth, Last Wish, Stress, Rabbit Paw (I put this here, because you already have the Crown of Risk, no need for additional ammo and certainly not for medic), Lucky Shot (still okay, but again: Crown of Risk)
Up to you: Bolt Marrow, Hammerhead (if you are used to create hideouts with it), Laser Brain, Long Arms (will not be as powerfull as in other setups. You will already try to avoid close combat, even with the little bit of extra range)

You will need a melee weapon to fend off the green shots in 7-1 and 7-2 and from the throne and for the same levels you’ll also need a weapon with a high damage output. At least one of the weapons should be a fast firing one.
Melee: Jackhammer! (no need for long arms), Wrench, Energy Screwdriver, something fairly fast, Shovel with Trigger Fingers and Long Arms is not very powerful here, don’t fix on that combo.
High damage: Gattling Slugger, Heavy Crossbow, Explosives when you have Boiling Vains, here anything high DPS (and ideally little ammo issues) will do.
Avoid: Slow Melee + Slow high damage, for instance: Shovel + Heavy Crossbo. This combo will kill you in 6-1. Also combos like Minigun + Energy Screwdriver can kill you when your ammo is depleted and a nuclear hog is chasing you.

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