OBS Studio: How to Install SE.Live Plugin

SE.Live is a plugin that adds Streamelements features directly into OBS Studio, including your live chat, activity feed, media requests, etc. In this guide I will show you how to install it on the Steam version of OBS Studio.   Installing SE.Live / Downloading the plugin file First you need to install SE.Live from Streamelements so that […]

OBS Studio: Bitrate Guide (How to Choose)

Here is a simple guide on how to choose bitrate in OBS Studio.   Bitrate for streaming Twitch has a bitrate limit of 6000 kb/s. So it makes no sense to put more. Youtube has the following bitrate recommendations: Resolution Bitrate Max bitrate 4k 60fps 20,000 kb/s 51,000 kb/s 4k 30fps 13,000 kb/s 18,000 kb/s […]