Observer System Redux: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a %100 Achievement Guide for Observer: System Redux. I will also add videos for all achievements, but editing is not finished yet. Some achievements do not need a video so I described them by text.


I am an Observer
Complete your first Dream Eater sequence.
This achievement requires you to finish Amir’s mind sequence. (Video soon)

Find 10 nanophage patient cards.
This is pretty straightforward, you need to collect 10 nanophage cards. (Video soon)

Body Snatcher
Decide the fate of the merging minds.
This achievement requires you to finish Pieta Sagan’s (Room 114) mind sequence after you speak with Paulina (Room 113). (Video soon)

Drug Trail
Interrogate Amir’s clients.
After you finished Amir’s dream sequence, you need to speak with the tenants in Room 112 and Room 209

KPD! Open up!
Interrogate 20 tenants.
You need to interrogate 20 tenants. If you have not managed to do this before getting into basement, there are still tenants in basement (After Tattoo Parlor) and those will easily get you over 20. (Video soon)

Altered states
Overdose on synchronization pills.
You need to use 2-3 sync pills over and over to get this achievement. It can be done in the beginning of the game when you first enter Adam’s apartmant where you found pills. (Video soon)

Decrypt Adam’s figurine.
First, you need to get Adam’s figurine in Adam’s apartment in the beginning of the game. After that, you need to reach the basement of the Tattoo Parlor after Helena’s dream sequence. Use the decrypting station in the basement and the achievement will pop.

Errant Signal
Find the source of the distress call

Pearls before swine
Decide the fate of the organ farm.
In the second floor, when you speak with room 206, she tells you that something shady going on at room 205. Then you go investigate room 205 to see a lot of organs being stored in there. After that you need the access to basement. When you are in the basement, go to Room 028 and decide what to do with what is going on there. Room password is 7441. (Video soon)

Analyze 100 objects.
This achievement requires you to analyze 100 different objects by using Electromagnetic vision or Biovision throughout the game. There are a lot of objects in this game so you won’t be missing this achievement.

Tears in the Rain
Witness the lost moment

Her Fearful Symmetry
Find out the lovers fate

A death in the family
Reject Adam.
Reach the ending by rejecting Adam.

It’s a trap!
Survive Adam’s trapware.

The prodigal son
Embrace Adam.
Reach the ending by embracing Adam.

It Runs In The Family
Find out the true reason behind the hanged man’s death

Noble Sword
Complete all With Fire and Sword: Spiders arcade games
This achievement requires you to finish Fire and Sword: Spiders games. There are 17 levels. (Video soon)

A work in progress
Find all RC cars and recall a memory of Adam.
Video soon

By any other name
Find all roses and discover the final resting place.
Rose 1: In the entrance of the basement where you enter the building through the courtyard.
Rose 2: In the catwalk near Room 208
Rose 3: In the attic where you are following Victor, you see a wooden plank going upstairs. Check the left-most bird cage.
Rose 4: In Victor’s dream sequence, where you see a Tattoo parlor, hug to the left and proceed. You will see a grave and it will pop the achievement. (Video soon)

Finish the game without dying.
Most of the game you can’t really die but in dream sequences there will be monsters following you. You need to avoid them and not die during those encounters.

Voxel runner
Earn 3000 points during a single trapware run.

The root of all evil
Find and listen to all patient interview recordings.
Patient record 1: In the third floor entrance, inside the cables.
Patient record 2: First floor, Enter the door with 105-110 rooms in it. After room 110, check your left for a bathroom. Unclug the toilet and you will see the recording.
Patient record 3: Basement, Room 020
Patient record 4:
Video soon

Find all nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough.
Some of the cards are now in different places. I found mostly all of them but haven’t found them all yet. I will release a video about this soon.

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