Occult Crime Police: Full Walkthrough

Here is a full-game walkthrough of Occult Crime Police.

Note: This walkthrough was created by Eggcorn and spoiler Alert!!!


Act 1: The Waterloo Redemption

To Do: Get Past The Guard

Speak with Carlos and select the option “What To Do”.
Use the Show Evidence menu to show the Guard your Sheriff’s Badge.

Drang Persuasion

Choice 1: Use BLUNT
Choice 2: Use FLATTERY
Choice 3: Use LOGIC

To Do: Speak with Agent Drang

Speak with Drang and select the option “The Murder”[/spoiler]
Speak with Drang and select the option “Power Outage”[/spoiler]

To Do: Investigate the Crime Scene

Examine the footprints in the kitchen

To Do: Examine The Body

Click on the dead body to get a close-up view
Examine the body’s missing shoe
Examine the ID card next to the victim
Examine the bruises on the victim’s arms
Examine the knife in the victim’s back

To Do: Speak with “Thought Influencer”

Go to the Warehouse and select the person taking selfies in the background
Select all available dialogue options with Paul Chritude

Act 2: The Gossamer Penance

Interrogation 1: Bottomi’s Confession

Present the Kitchen Knife on the statement “So I grabbed a nearby knife and… I stabbed it into his back!”

Interrogation 2: The Exact Moment of the Crime

Press the statement “When I stabbed him, he slumped over onto the floor.”
Select “Yes, very important.”
Present the Preliminary Autopsy Report on the statement “I only ever stabbed him. I didn’t beat him up or anything.”

Interrogation 3: That’s How I Beat Darsha

Press the statement “We walked into the kitchen together, and that’s when he broke the news to me.”
Select “Ask Him.”
Present Muddy Footprints on the statement “There was this big mud puddle outside. You couldn’t avoid stepping in it.”

Act 3: Further Inquiry Required

To Do: Speak With The Smart House A.I.

Click on panel showing “How can I help you today?” to speak with HARPER
Choose dialogue option “Smart House” with HARPER

To Do: Talk To Smart House Creator

Finish the steps for “Speak With The Smart House A.I.”
Go to the Office
Examine the computer
Examine the dot-matrix printer
Exhaust the dialogue options with Angie Neering

To Do: Explore the Rest of the House

Finish the steps for “Speak With The Smart House A.I.”
Go to the Bedroom
Examine the seam in the bedroom floor
Present HARPER with the Trap Door
Go to the Contraption
Examine the lone shoe lying on the floor
Present the Missing Shoe when prompted with “Wasn’t there a shoe we were looking for?”

To Do: Find Out What Chritude Is Hiding

Go to the Warehouse
Speak with Chritude and select the option “Power Outage”

Chritude Persuasion

Choice 1: Use PROVOKE
Choice 2: Use ENTHUSE
Choice 3: Use CONFRONT

In the Warehouse, examine the panel on the side of the house
Returning to Chritude, Present the Fuse Box Glitter
Select dialogue option “What Happened”

Act 4: The Terminal Denundation

Interrogation 1: Hacking the Smart House

Present Feedback Logs on statement “All I had to do was reprogram the alarm system to target Darsha and turn off stun mode.”

Interrogation 2: Faking a Crime Scene in 5 Easy Steps

Present Muddy Footprints on statement “I never even had to enter the kitchen myself.”
On “Do I Have Any Other Proof That Bottomi Was In The Kitchen?” select “Yes, I do.”
Present Chritude’s Photo

Interrogation 3: The Where, When and How of the Murder

Press statement “Mr. Darsha and I were in the smart house. He had just fired me.”
Ask for more information on “…where this all took place”
Present Recovered Shoe on statement “We were in the downstairs hallway at the time.”
Present Updated Autopsy Report on statement “The house stabbed him in the back, killing him instantly.”

Act 5: Occupational Hazards

Interrogation 1: my_testimony.txt

Present Trap Door on statement “He, of his own volition, decided to test out The Dressing Contraption.”
Present Neering’s Email at “Here is the proof that the scratches in the carpet are from today.”

Interrogation 2: my_testimony_FINAL.txt

Present Feedback Logs on statement “TNPTDDBTDCWABAA.”
At “Specifically, the entry at this time:” select “5:52 PM”

Interrogation 3: my_testimony_FINAL(1).txt

Present Neering’s Email on statement “Darsha was trying to shut down the Smart House project, so I had to get rid of him.”

Act 6 The Cybernetic Masquerade

Interrogation 1: my_testimony_FINAL(1)_LASTONEFORREAL.txt

Press Statement “As you surmised, we were both in the bedroom when it happened.”
Present Security Cam on statement “So I pushed him away from me, and then activated the trap door.”

Interrogation 2: my_testimony_FINAL(1)_LASTONEFORREAL(1).txt

Press statement “Just then, the power went out all over the house!”
On “Is this important information?” select “It could be.”
Present Prank Video on statement “I don’t recall anything else all that strange happening at the time.”
At “Behold, the identity of the person speaking to us through this monitor!” present HARPER’s profile
When asked where the real Angie is, respond “She’s dead.”
On “What is your last piece of evidence?”, present the Brochure
On the Brochure, select the column about A.R.M.s

Final Persuasion

Choice 1: Use HUMANITY
Choice 2: Use LOGIC
Choice 3: Use FEAR
Choice 4: Use LOGIC
Choice 5: Use HUMANITY

Thanks to Eggcorn for his great walkthrough, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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