Occult: How to Beat the game (Tips & Tricks)

Just a small guide to help you defeat the darkness. Spoiler Alert!!!


Ending one – “Murder by Steam”

If you’re taking the “Murder by Steam” option, then you need to locate bags of coal and then the Boiler room It’s in the basement. after putting the bags of coal in, you need to locate 5 valves around the house, after that, ending 1 is complete, Pretty straightforward.

Ending two – “Lifting the Curse”

Ending 2 is “Lifting the Curse” personally I think this one is more difficult, Step one is locating the Mirror Room. it’s always in the same place, but well, you find it. part of the fun. after you’ve located this room, you need your team to split up and find mirror pieces in the mansion, once the mirror has been reassembled, you’ll need to collect spiders to sacrifice in the mirror room (They spawn in the mirror room anyway, so it’s not difficult to get them)

Last but not least, you need to find the skull, it’s a regular skull you will find attached to a body sitting in a chair in one of the mansions many, many rooms, I don’t know if it spawns in the same place every time, only completed this ending once.

Simply place the skull in the pentagram on the floor and ba-bam! you’ve done ending 2.

Talking about them enemies

As I said earlier, I’ll keep them codenamed, as I don’t want to spoil it too much.

so we’ll begin with the “Masked”

The Masked are the most common enemy patrolling the mansion, these guys are relentless in chasing you, if you are spotted, they will chase you to the ends of the earth until you get to a place they can’t reach or duck into a hiding spot, they roughly run at the same speed as you, so kiting is a viable option, having a teammate pull them away from an objective and running them around whilst you complete said objective, is a perfectly viable strategy.

Enemy 2 is “She/Her” I really don’t wanna spoil what it is, but you’ll prob see her early on, yet she won’t be hunting straight away, so no worries there.

But when she does start hunting, She is relentless and is incredibly stealthy when you’re dashing around the house I can’t count the number of times I turned a corner and she’s right there to murder me she will also follow you just about anywhere! There are some spots where you can dip into to stop her following, but they are very few, it’s up to you to find them!

if she spots you, stay calm, turn and run to your nearest anti-enemy hiding spot, we’ll talk about them next.

Hiding can be your best friend.

your best weapon in this game, is memory, learn the layout, learn the hiding spots, knowing where your nearest hiding spot is located is an absolute lifesaver in this game.

These hiding spots are invaluable, they are easy to locate, being marked with Yellow handprints or yellow paint, on your first attempt, I’d suggest sneaking around and locating some of these hiding spots so you know where to escape in a chase.

IT IS VITAL YOU KNOW WHERE THESE ARE, Because.. you can’t run forever.. i mean you can.. but you’ll probably make a mistake sooner or later and end up having like 3-4 Masked chasing you.. which is always fun to kite into teammates, but they might not appreciate that.

Thanks to Cryokhai for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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