Occupy Mars Guide: Tools, Extreme Weather Events/Disasters (Early Access)

A guide for as much of Occupy Mars’s content as possible.



1. Jackhammer

The Jackhammer is mainly used to mine rocks break rocks into either small ores to pick up with the Rover Claw, or into the raw materials themselves. There is also a small feature where you can use the Jackhammer to break down structures & builds such as the Rover. At the current moment, the Rover cannot be rebuilt if destroyed so be careful (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Meteor showers can end up crashing & breaking apart rocks on the surface (NEEDS VERIFICATION). There is a chance that crashed meteors from meteor showers can leave new rocks filled with building materials (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

2. Grinder

The Grinder is mainly used to break apart old & player-built buildings. The Grinder can even destroy the Rover. At the current moment, the Rover cannot be rebuilt if destroyed so be careful (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

3. Blowtorch

The Blowtorch is mainly used to build buildings that the player sets the foundations for. It can also repair damaged structures like damaged corridors from extreme weather events, including the Tipper & Rover. The following extreme weather events can damage structures: Sandstorms, Tornadoes, Dust Devils (NEEDS VERIFICATION), Meteor Showers, High UV (NEEDS VERIFICATION), & Thunderstorms (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

4. Spectral Detector

The Spectral Detector is mainly used to search for water deposits in the ground. The Spectral Detector will tell you where it is best to build a well based on the number of “Wealth” on the screen. “Wealth” can only be found on the actual screen of the detector. The number next to “Wealth” will tell you how much water would be produced from wells built ranging from 100 to 10 before reaching 0 & no longer reading that water has been found (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

5. Seed Planter

The Seed Planter is mainly used to plant seeds from seed magazines that either the player spawns in with or collects from abandoned structures. Seed magazines hold a maximum of 100 seeds. The following plants are confirmed to exist & be planted in-game as of 8 January, 2023: Potatoes, Peppers, Apples, Corn, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Poplar, & Pumpkins (THERE IS LIKELY MORE).

6. Air Compressor

The Air Compressor is mainly used to blow away sand/dust off of solar panels after extreme weather events. The following extreme weather events can pile sand/dust on solar panels: Sandstorms, Tornadoes (NEEDS VERIFICATION), & Dust Devils (NEEDS VERIFICATION). The Air Compressor uses bottles of CO2 in order to blow away sand/dust. As of 9 January, 2023, no new CO2 bottles can be obtained (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

7. Remote Controller

The Remote Controller is mainly used to remotely drive the Rover & use the crane. As of 9 January, 2023, the Rover & its crane are the only machines that can be remotely controlled (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

8. Fire Extinguisher

The Fire Extinguisher is mainly used to extinguish fires caused by CO2 Scrubbers not receiving enough coolant.

9. Helmet Repair Kit

The Helmet Repair Kit is mainly used to repair the player’s helmet when damaged. Each kit can be used 2 times before it is used up & nothing can be salvaged from it.

10. Small Plants Crate

The Small Plants Crate is mainly used to temporarily store & transport small plants from a Plant Incubator to a Hydroponic Shelf. As of 9 January, the Plants Crate is not obtainable (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

Extreme Weather Events/Disasters

Extreme weather events can happen at any time & in any order. Disasters could result from extreme weather events or from the player making mistakes.

1. Sandstorm

Sandstorms are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & lasts 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Sand is blown around to where it isn’t recommended that the player be outside for longer periods of time. After the sandstorm, sand collections are left on any & all builds exposed to the sand. This leaves solar panels generating less power until all sand is either naturally or forcefully removed. Sand can collect on the inner airlocks if left open for enough time (NEEDS VERIFICATION) or on the inside of the Rover’s doors. Sandstorms can damage structures & make it hard to see, requiring lights in order to see good.

2. Tornado

Tornadoes are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & lasts 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Tornadoes follow the player around, blowing around sand onto buildings (NEEDS VERIFICATION) & if the player is outside, the tornado will throw the player around, harming the player, damaging the helmet, or both.

3. Dust Devils

Dust Devils are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & last 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Dust Devils are smaller versions of the Tornado, but have a lot less strength & are plentiful. Dust Devils blow small amounts of sand on structures (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

4. High UV

High UV are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & last 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). High UV radiation strikes everywhere across the planet & increase average electricity production from solar panels (NEEDS VERIFICATION). If you look at the sky during a High UV warning, you can see the Northern Lights as seen on Earth in real-life.

5. Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & last 1 in-game hour & last 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Clouds forms across the planet, but there is not enough vapor to cause showering rains. Lightning strikes around the player & strikes the player directly if outside. As of 9 January, 2023, lightning rods have not been added.

6. Meteor Shower

Meteor Showers are forecasted 1 in-game hour before it occurs & lasts 1 in-game hour & last 8 in-game hours (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Meteors around the size of large rocks fall from the sky. Some meteors light up the sky as if it’s daytime, some crash onto the surface, some leave remnants that can be mined for raw materials, & some break apart large rocks that were already on the surface.

7. Fire

Fires can be caused by CO2 Scrubbers producing too much oxygen without enough coolant. As of 9 January, there are no other causes for fires (NEEDS VERIFICATION).

8. Decompression

Decompression happens when the player uses an airlock without attaching a secondary airlock or if the secondary airlock is too damaged (NEEDS VERIFICATION). Entering an airlock without a secondary airlock will launch the player & knock them out for a small amount of in-game time. Decompression can also happen if enough damage is done to corridors or airlocks to where the pressure is no longer sealed. If the helmet is damaged, the player will quickly lose air until the helmet is either removed while in a safe space (NEEDS VERIFICATION), such as a pressurized habitation or the Rover, or until the helmet is repaired.

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