Okami HD: Weapon Guide

Here is the weapon guide with locations, battle techniques and Dojo upgrades.



This is the weapon type you start with. When used as a main weapon it is easy to use, quick, mobile and great weapon against both flying and grounded enemies. When you attack in the air you are locked in place until the combo ends, this helps dodging horizontal attacks.

As a sub weapon it blocks enemy attacks (both melee and ranged) and performs a powerful counter attack when it successfully blocks a melee attack.

Dual wielding them with Wailing Mirror ability makes the block window last longer and rewards you with a Demon Fang when it blocks an attack (one per enemy).

Divine Retribution
Weapon you start with.
Snarling Beast
Story item, can’t be missed. Includes Ink Bullet skill.
Infinity Judge
Buy for 50,000 yen in Kusa Village or Oni Island.
Trinity Mirror
Buy for 150,000 yen in Sei’an City after Oni Island boss.
Solar Flare
Story item, can’t be missed.


Rosaries are long-reaching whips that plant you in place when attacking, but can deal good damage when the enemy is locked in a string of attacks. Not useful for air attacks so it’s best to stay on the ground when attacking.

When equipped as a sub weapon you can shoot the beads, but it takes a few seconds for them to return to you. Some rosaries shoot one at a button press, others shoot all of them at once.

Dual wielding them with Bead String ability gives you unlimited sub weapon beads to fire at enemies.

Devout Beads
Chest under the Guardian Sapling of Agata Forest.
Life Beads
Story item, can’t be missed.
Exorcism Beads
Story item, can’t be missed.
Resurrection Beads
Buy for 150,000 yen in Wep’keer.
Tundra Beads
Buy for 500,000 yen in Sei’an City after Wawku Shrine boss or in Ark of Yamato.


Glaives are slow, but hard-hitting swords that have an unique charging mechanic. Uncharged attacks are very weak, so this is not a hack-and-slash weapon. You can move around when charging. You can charge when airborne, which results in a different, vertical diving attack.

As a sub weapon it charges an attack, but also plants you in place.

Dual wielding them with Sword Dance ability you can charge both main and sub at the same time OR you can transfer the sub weapon’s charge to your main weapon.

Story item, can’t be missed.
Seven Strike
Buy for 100,000 yen in Sei’an City or Oni Island. Includes Ink Bullet skill.
Blade of Kusanagi
Story item, can’t be missed.
Eighth Wonder
Buy for 200,000 yen in Ponc’tan. Includes Ink Bullet skill.
Thunder Edge
Story item, can’t be missed.

Ink Bullet technique

There are three weapons that allow you to use Ink Bullet brush technique when it is equipped as a main weapon: Snarling Beast (reflector), Seven Strike (glaive) and Eight Wonder (glaive).

To use Ink Bullet draw several dots over the enemy. Draw more dots to make more damage. Amount of ink used depends on how many dots are used.

Dojo upgrades
Dojos sell two kinds of upgrades for weapons:

  • More attacks to your combos. This also increases damage.
  • Dual wielding weapons (same weapon type in both main and sub slots): increases damage and unlocks new attacks.

3 hits → 4 hits (5,000 yen, Shinshu) → 5 hits (20,000 yen, Ryoshima)
Ability to equip both main and sub: 40,000 yen, Ryoshima

4 hits → 6 hits (7,000 yen, Shinshu) → 8 hits (30,000 yen, Ryoshima)
Ability to equip both main and sub: 50,000 yen, Kamui

2 hits → 3 hits (40,000 yen, Ryoshima) → 4 hits (50,000 yen, Kamui)
Ability to equip both main and sub: 60,000 yen, Kamui

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