Old School RuneScape: How to get Ornate Armor & Gear

This guide will help you on how to get the Ornate Gear and Ornate Armor!


Requirements First!

You’ll need to get these items first in order to obtain the Ornate Pieces!

The Ornate Armour pieces has the same stats of Iron Armour. But the Boots and Gloves have the same stats of their leathery brothers.

Spade (For digging up Ornate Cape, Legs, Gloves and Boots)
Cheese (For Ornate Helm) [In order to get Ornate Helm, you must not have anything equipped or anything else in your inventory when you get it.]
Plain Pizza (For Ornate Helm)
Wooden Shield (For Ornate Helm)
Goblin Mail (For Ornate Cape and requires a spade too.)
Pie Dish (For Ornate Gloves & Boots and requires a spade too.)
Raw Herring (For Ornate Legs and requires a spade too.)

Buy (some if you didn’t) these items if you don’t have ’em at the Grand Exchange!

Ornate Helm Location

Location is near the Dark Wizard Circle south of Varrock. To get the Ornate Helm, you must have Plain Pizza, Cheese, and a Wooden Shield in your inventory, you must not have anything equipped and anything else in your inventory except the items needed.

Ornate Helm Location:

Be careful of the smelly angry Dark Wizard hobos if you’re low level!

Ornate Helm Location:

Now, if you have the items in your inventory, you must now use emotes…. I’m not joking…

Bow first: Yes second: Clap last:

Done correctly, and you’ll now get the Helmet from the Mysterious Old Man who magically appears to give you it. And ignore what he said about not telling others.

Ornate Cape Location

Requires: Spade and Goblin Mail (I’m not joking.) Location: Chaos Temple

But be careful getting the Ornate Cape, it’ll require you to go into… The Wild!
The Wilderness is where Players can kill each other. Do these first if you’re paranoid about getting killed in the Wilderness. If you’re done. Select the blue quest list icon and switch it over to Minigames and select Clan Wars to teleport to get close to the cape location. Dig at the red spot to retrieve the cape.

Ornate Top Location

Requires: Nothing in your inventory when you get it. All you need to do is just shrug and cheer emote at the right spot to get the helmet!

Location is near the Black Knight Fortress. Just be careful about the Black Knights attacking you if you’re low level!

Emote Shrug then Cheer around the red spot

Capital! Now for the rest.

Ornate Legs Location

Requires: Spade and Raw Herring. Location is near the Air Altar south of Falador.

Dig at that spot and you should get it.

Ornate Gloves and Boots Location

Requirements: Spade and Pie Dish. Location is in Rimmington far south of Falador.

Dig there and you got it.


Now you got all of them, if you lost them somehow, just do these again and you’ll have them again.
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