OMORI: Hector & Duckie Jr Location

OMORI is a new indie game that you explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. here is a simple guide on how to find the locations of Hector and Duckie JR.


Where to find Hector the pet rock

Orange Oasis

Hector can be found at the Orange Oasis. You have to go to Dino’s Dig and play the mini-game. In the upper right corner is a single spot where you can dig. Dig here to find Hector.

Where to find Duckie Jr. created per request

Duckie Jr. can be found in the Overworld. Starting from the entrance of the house. You will head straight left until you exit the map. Keep going on the next map until you see the two street lights.

Go straight up and to the right to reach the camp site. Duckie Jr. can be found there.

Credit to [Plush]

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