OMORI: Save Files Database and How to Switch Save Files

A list of save files (all with a WTF value of 13) that you can use to skip to various parts of the game, whether if it’s because you want to replay the game, get certain achievements, or to view another route. This will also show how to switch/replace your save files in the game.


OMORI Save Files Database

OMORI Save Files[]

  • This is a link to my Google Doc of various save files
  • There are save files from the True Route from the prologue up to the end, for the Alt Route, and for achievements
  • All of these save files have a WTF value of 13

How To Switch Save Files

  • Go to your Steam Library and right-click on OMORI
  • Click on Properties

  • Click on LOCAL FILES

  • Click on Browse

  • It will open a new window so click on a folder called www

  • Click on another folder called save

  • This is where your save files are (file1.rpgsave to file6.rpgsave)
  • (Example: file2.rpgsave goes into slot 2 so rename it if you want it to go in a different slot)
  • You must have saves already in your folder to replace them or else they won’t show up in the game when you go to load the new save in
  • So if you have an empty slot and want to put a save there, just go into the game and save at a random place before replacing the old save with the new one you downloaded

  • Replace the old save with the new one you downloaded into the slot you want and you’re done
  • If you want to backup your old saves, just copy the saves (file1.rpgsave to file6.rpgsave) and put them somewhere safe to put back later

By Aureo

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