One Step From Eden: 100% Achievements Guide

Most of the achievements in One Step From Eden are pretty straightforward, but if you are having any trouble getting some of them, this guide may provide you with some insight.

The achievements will be listed out in order from “easiest” to “hardest” in the sense of sorting by % of all players that have the achievement as seen in (at the time of this writing). I have included the %s for reference, but note that these will change as time goes on, and some achievements will shift up or down the list in the achievements page as the player statistics shift.

Remember that you do not need to technically win a run to get an achievement (unless it explicitly requires you to). That means that you can tailor a run solely for an achievement, then quit once you get it if you don’t want to continue.


1. Desecration

Description: Destroy a Self Defense hazard
% of all players: 44.1%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Aim for Hazard or Miniboss areas for a higher chance to run into Self Defense Turrets. They have 999 HP, and will rapidly fire retaliation shots at any unit that deals damage to it. To destroy one as safely as possible, you will generally want to move around rapidly while hitting it with high damage instance abilities to minimize the amount of shots it will fire.

You can also spawn a Self Defense Turret with a spell, which will only have 100 HP.

You may be able to get the achievement from destroying this one too, but I haven’t tested it.

This is what the Self Defense Turret looks like on the field:

2. Disguised Toast

Description: Cast 10 Jams in one battle
% of all players: 32.1%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Gunner (Manafire)
Tips: Gunner starts with Innervate which is a Jam generator, but this can easily done by any character by focusing Doublelift and picking up Jam generators, and just finding a battle that is prolonged enough (either naturally or manually) for you to cast enough Jams.

Here are some examples of Jam generator cards:

3./5./6./8./9./12./13./15. Standard Tier 4 Bosses

3. Nerf This
5. Reverse Engineering
6. Unbreakable
8. Gun Control
9. Silence is Golden
12. Charlotte
13. White Knight
15. Cold, Dead Hands

Description: Defeat tier 4 Gunner/Hazel/Terra/Shiso/Violette/Saffron/Reva/Selicy
% of all players:

  • Gunner: 29.3%
  • Hazel: 28.2%
  • Terra: 27.5%
  • Shiso: 26.8%
  • Violette: 24.7%
  • Saffron: 23.0%
  • Reva: 21.3%
  • Selicy: 20.8%

Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Tier 4 bosses can be found on Stage 6-6 and 7-6. Just remember to leave certain areas for last if you’re aiming for specific boss achievements:

  • Arctic: Selicy and Violette
  • Fire: Gunner and Saffron
  • Forest: Hazel and Shiso
  • Ruins: Reva and Terra

If you have trouble with certain bosses, the best advice is to watch videos and practice with lower tier versions until you are comfortable with their attack patterns. This is not a guide for how to beat bosses, as there are a multitude of videos that provide a better experience through visuals.

4. Arch Sage

Description: Have a spell from every Focus in your deck
% of all players: 28.2%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: There are a total of 10 focuses. If you want to split hairs, characters like Saffron (Chrono), Violette (Doubletime), and Shopkeeper will have a slightly easier time with this due to starting with four different focuses already, but just play what you’re comfortable with and keep an eye on what focuses you’re still missing.

7. Calamity

Description: Get a Calamity spell
% of all players: 26.8%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Calamity spells have a Rainbow border (symbolizing their high rarity). You will probably have to play a few runs before you start unlocking these, but getting the achievement is very straightforward once you do.

Here are some examples of Calamity spells:

10. One Step From Eden

Description: Reach the Gate
% of all players: 24.5%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: The Gate is the Neutral Ending boss, which can be reached by sparing at least one boss and executing at least one boss. You do not have to beat the Gate to get this achievement.

11. Not Even Close Baby

Description: Win a boss fight with 1 HP
% of all players: 23.2%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Anyone but Reva
Tips: Fight and spare Reva early on, then get to another boss without using Reva’s revive, bringing them to as low HP as possible without killing them. Use up the revive (by letting the boss “kill” you), do not pick up the health that Reva drops yet, then defeat the boss to get this achievement.

You can also get this achievement if you defeat a boss while they are in the middle of executing you (with things like fire or poison), or with M.A.D. via Soul Link, but those methods seem a bit more unreliable.

14. Happily Ever After

Description: Spare Terrable
% of all players: 20.9%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Terrable is the Pacifist Ending boss (do not execute any bosses). Defeat her, then continue without executing her to get this achievement.

16. Knife to a Gunfight

Description: Kill Gunner or Shiso with a Slashfik spell
% of all players: 16.8%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Focus on Slashfik, get at least one spell from that focus, bring Gunner or Shiso to 1 HP by any means, then execute them with a Slashfik spell. Obviously easier to do at lower tiers.

17. Plausible Deniability

Description: Win a battle without using a Spell or Weapon
% of all players: 13.7%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Reva (Beat)
Tips: Reva (Beat) starts with the Flak Jacket artifact, which fires a 20 damage shot whenever she gets hit. You can get this achievement as early as the first battle if you face a singular enemy (without heavy amounts of defense) and tank all their attacks.

Besides this, there are a few artifacts that can get the job done as well, with wildly varying degrees of effectiveness:

I have seen some discussion concerning people getting this achievement when they enter a distress area involving a hostage in front of an explosive shard, and have an allied Saffron one-shot it with Ragnarok. Personally, this did not give me the achievement.

18. Terrable

Description: Execute Terrable
% of all players: 9.5%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Terrable is the Pacifist Ending boss (do not execute any bosses). Defeat her, then execute her to get this achievement.

19. Solo

Description: Have 1 Spell in your deck
% of all players: 9.5%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Gunner (Bullethell)
Tips: If you’ve unlocked Gunner (Bullethell) (complete a Neutral or Genocide run as Gunner (Manafire)), you will get the achievement immediately upon starting a run with him, as he starts with one spell.

You can also do this with Saffron (Solo), but she is harder to unlock, requiring a Full Genocide run completion. If you don’t want to do either of these for some reason, you can do the standard method of choosing a typical four spell character, not picking up any spells until you can accumulate two additional Removals (either through the shop or boss execution rewards), then remove three spells.

20. Terraform

Description: Have at least 16 broken tiles at the same time
% of all players: 9.2%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Selicy (Invade)
Tips: Focus Kinesys and look for Fissure.

If I recall correctly, if cast from the middle-back, you should crack 21 tiles (9 on your side, 12 on the enemy side). From there, move forward quickly in a serpentine motion, breaking all the cracked tiles on your side, then use Fairfrozen (Selicy’s basic attack) to move to the enemy side and start breaking their tiles. You may have to reposition two or three times, so you don’t teleport onto an already broken tile and get yourself stuck, but with a bit of routing, you should eventually be able to manage this.

21. Back to the Past

Description: Beat Serif and get sent back
% of all players: 8.4%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Serif is the Genocide Ending boss (execute all bosses except the Shopkeeper). Once you defeat her, you should get sent back to begin another loop, and get this achievement.

22. Buzzer Beater

Description: Kill the last enemy with the Fadeaway spell
% of all players: 7.3%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: For reference, this is Fadeaway:

For those that do not know what “inverse tile” means, here’s a quick example:

If I were to have the Fadeaway spell, if I wanted to kill the Obeamer with it, I would cast it at where the character is currently standing. From there, she would teleport to the opposite corner, then fire the shot four tiles ahead. If I instead wanted to kill the rock with it for some reason, I would stand at where the red ‘R’ is before casting it.

23. Cannibal

Description: Kill a hostage with the Devour spell
% of all players: 7.2%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: For reference, this is Devour:

Pretty straightforward once you get the spell (focus Miseri if you’re explicitly looking for it). Make sure the hostage’s HP is low enough to actually be killed by Devour, as it is consumed after cast.

24. Eggs in a Basket

Description: Upgrade the same spell 4 times
% of all players: 6.8%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Shiso (Execute)/Shopkeeper
Tips: Remember that for every upgrade a spell has, it will cost an additional upgrade on top of the previous. Therefore, if you wanted to upgrade a spell four times from scratch, it would cost 1+2+3+4 = 10 upgrades. If you tried to get this by upgrading a card from scratch using nothing but shop-purchased upgraders, it would cost you 1,050 money, in which Shiso (Execute) and Shopkeeper would be your best options, as they can generate additional money each battle with careful play. However, there are ways to make this doable with any character:

  • Pay attention to Shopkeeper pacts, as they may provide you with an upgrader. Just be aware of any pacts that may end your run if you don’t have all the upgraders you need yet
  • Execute any bosses you are comfortable with doing so, as they have a chance of providing an upgrader
  • Look for pre-upgraded spells; you will unoccasionally find spells from battle rewards that already have two (or three!) upgrades on them, greatly cutting down on the amount of upgraders you need to provide yourself
  • If you don’t want to attempt to min-max your upgraders, Genocide looping is also an option to continue amassing resources
25. Sans-Serif

Description: Execute Serif
% of all players: 5.8%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Serif is the True Genocide Ending boss (execute all bosses including the Shopkeeper). Once you defeat her, you should be able to execute her with the Shopkeeper’s Yami spell (although it also seems like you will still get the ending if you choose not to use it) to get the achievement.

26. The Best Defense

Description: Have over 9,999 Shield
% of all players: 5.5%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: There are a multitude of ways to achieve this (some more…boring than others), but remember that you lose 40% of your shield after every shuffle (unless you have the Duct Tape artifact, which reduces the shield loss to 25%). While you could do this with Reva (Shield) on the first battle, and just move around with her Eschaton artifact 9900 times or so (you get a little bit of leeway with Shield Catch and Shield Beam…), there are some marginally better alternatives. Note that you need to be in an active battle to gain shield, so your best option would be to find a distress area with a turret/turrets and camp in a corner.

Here are some spells that will get you this achievement by themselves, AFKing recommended (spells or artifacts that grant large amounts of shield will not be mentioned as they cannot get you to 9,999 shield by themselves, but they can shave off a little bit of time):

Note that if you use Blood Shield, you are probably going to die after you deactivate it unless you can finish the battle within the next two seconds or have Detox.

27. Eat the Rich

Description: Defeat tier 4 Shopkeeper
% of all players: 5.3%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Whatever you’re comfortable with
Tips: You will have to attack and defeat the Shopkeeper in Stage 6, 7, or 8 (Genocide route) to get this achievement. I would recommend looking at some Shopkeeper fight guides to ease the time you’ll have with this, as even with Soul Link, you may still have to learn many of her attack patterns (or get a strong enough build to face-tank everything). Usually the earlier you fight her, the better, as her health goes up every stage. Most people would recommend Saffron (Chrono) so you can more easily read the Shopkeeper’s attack patterns, or Reva (Shield) with high amounts of mana regen so you can reflect the bigger attacks.

I will go over Soul Link in more detail in a later achievement.

28. Hoarder

Description: Have over 200 cardtridges in your deck
% of all players: 5.1%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Focus Doublelift and look for Viruspell:

Once you get this, just find a prolonged battle (naturally or manually) where you can spam the ever living hell out of this. You will probably get the achievement between your 7th and 8th shuffle as long as you don’t consume the card or give it an unmanageable mana cost (aka. more than 0).

29. Absolute Zero

Description: Have 0 Max Mana
% of all players: 4.3%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Gunner (Bullethell)/Shiso (Kunai)
Tips: Don’t pick up any max mana artifacts, and make a beeline for the Shopkeeper to see if she has a pact that reduces your max mana by two. Because Gunner (Bullethell) and Shiso (Kunai) start with 2 max mana, picking up this pact will grant you the achievement.

Alternatively, you can focus Convergence and look for Limit Break:

You should also be able to get the achievement if you can cast this enough times to remove all your mana within 20 seconds.

30. Soulless

Description: Have 8 pacts at the same time
% of all players: 4.0%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Shopkeeper
Tips: This might only be achievable by the Shopkeeper. If you amass 450 money, you can refresh the shop three times consecutively (140+150+160), so just make sure to pick up the two pacts four times to get the achievement. Note that this may absolutely ruin your run, so don’t do this unless you are willing to abandon the run, or are very confident in your abilities.

31. All For One

Description: Beat the game with every character
% of all players: 2.1%
Easiest Character to Achieve: N/A
Tips: You can complete any of the routes (Pacifist/Neutral/Genocide) to count as beating the game, so go for whatever boss you have the easiest time with. I would recommend the Gate, as you can get spells that hit multiple tiles and deal massive amounts of damage without worrying about missing, although some people may also have an easier time with Terrable (or even Serif).

Note that every character includes the Shopkeeper, so if you haven’t gotten the Eat the Rich achievement (and don’t think you’ll be able to), you can still unlock her by beating her Tier 1 version. If you want this to be as painless as possible (as in you just want to unlock her and don’t care about anything else), either focus Glimmer and look for Soul Link, or unlock Reva (Beat) who starts with this spell by default:

If you use this spell on the Shopkeeper as she sets up her “ice column” attack, the resulting explosion will do around 4,500-6,000 damage to her, effectively one-shotting her earlier tiers. I put some screencaps of what the attack pattern looks like, but it’s best to just watch a video of it (and the whole fight) to get a better idea of things.

(Screencaps taken from this video)

32. Bravely Default

Description: Beat the game without taking any spells
% of all players: 2.0%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Whoever you’re comfortable with
Tips: You are allowed to upgrade your existing spells, but cannot add any new ones (this includes artifacts that give you kunais or jams). You should get a good feel for the game and at least one of the characters before you tackle this, but it should be doable by any character. Personally, I got this achievement by beating Terrable with Selicy (Invade).

33. Watch the World Burn

Description: Cover the entire field in flames
% of all players: 1.2%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Any
Tips: Focus on Anima and look for Back Burner and Brushfire (Carpet Bomb is also an option, but doesn’t seem as reliable):

If you are able to upgrade one of these spells to doublecast, you should be able to get the achievement by casting Back Burner in a middle row, followed by Brushfire. If you cannot get a doublecast upgrade (I am unsure if they are blacklisted or not), then you may also have to focus Doublelift and look for Echo, which can serve as a makeshift doublecast for either of the two spells:

If you are able to upgrade one of these spells to doublecast, you should be able to get the achievement by casting Back Burner in a middle row, followed by Brushfire. If you cannot get a doublecast upgrade (I am unsure if they are blacklisted or not), then you may also have to focus Doublelift and look for Echo, which can serve as a makeshift doublecast for either of the two spells:

34. Ascetic

Description: Beat the game without collecting any Artifacts
% of all players: 1.1%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Whoever you’re comfortable with
Tips: Similar to the Bravely Default achievement, you should get a good feel for the game and at least one of the characters before you tackle this, but it should be doable by any character. You will probably have just as hard of a time making sure not to accidentally take any artifacts while attempting this as you are with completing the run itself.

35. One Shot

Description: Beat Hell Mode 14
% of all players: 0.4%
Easiest Character to Achieve: Whoever you’re extremely comfortable with
Tips: After selecting a character and playstyle, you can select a Hell Mode level, which is a challenge/restriction tacked onto your run. Beating the game with a Hell Mode level unlocks the next one, and all of the previous Hell Modes stack on top of the currently selected level, leading to extremely difficult runs. You will only get this achievement once you complete all 14 Hell Modes.

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