One Step From Eden: Hell Mode 14 Guide (One Shot)

Here is a full guide on how to go through hell mode 14 with some tactics.


Character pick

Thats easy one pick what you can play good but i have some ideas for you

Saffron:Default Saffron is so hard and dont ask chorono but solo actually good for this job because of soul food artifact that gives you chance for get more max health

Reva:Reva is good choice for dodgign shes weapon reflector gem is so big advantage also shes artifact eschaton give you so mutch shield make your mistakes more less painfull

Gunner: İf you ask me gunner not a good choice if you prefer him i cant say anythink but he dont have any special advantage maybe innervate can save you from max mana problem but still not a good choice

Selicy:Selicy is a risk award character NOT a very good choice for hell mode 14 but not useless because of invade deck. Invade have fairfrozen wepon that can you give chance to stay enemy tiles, if you love take risk Selicy perfect choice.

Hazel: Hazel is weird choice but not so bad just be sure get every buildinig card you see if you can get castle you have high win chance to win and teardown is trash card deck dont use it

Terra:If you ask me Terra worst character in game i really wonder did any person likes play Terra?
She have one advantage terraform weapon can break enemy tiles this make mobile enemys can stuck somewhere this is good but still useless if you ask me.

Shiso: Execute card deck not a good choice because of weapon lynchpin if you want shot you need wait to anchor and anchor your worst enemy in hell mode 14 but kunai deck other hand really usefull if you can get meat shield and card thrower artifacts you can get good times

Violette:Just dont use aria if you dont want lose in first battle and dont do my mistake learn all thinks you can do with her weapon grace
what places do with grace
up:gives you 1 trinity
middle:gives you 1 fragile(not problem in hell mode 14)
down:gives 60 shield
left:restores 2.5 mana
right:makes shot does 60 damage to enemys
i recommend violet for hell mode 14

And we camed best character in game Shopkeeper
Shopkeeper have beret is makes her best character for hell mode 14
just dont refill shop so mutch and find sera cannon and everythink will be okay

Some status effects and spell recommendations

We camed so important section status effects.

shield:In early times shield can save you some annoying deaths but dont forget if you take posion damage game over shield cant save you posion damage.
Mostly you get shield from phalanx focused cards and some cards really useful if you find take it without thinking

Fragile:Fragile make you take more damage from any enemy attack in hell mode 14 you have 1 hp so fragile not bad for you in this mode some artifacts can be really usefull.also fragile can trigger special effects of some spells, if your enemy have fragile anythink hits him %50 more damage(with %100 more magnifying glass artifact).

Posion:Ahh most anoying damage in game posion you cant escape from it if you taked posion damage say goodbye to your run but posion have so many powerfull speels like anubis, pandemic and risky but backstab this speels have guranteed damage(be careful with backstab).
Posion mostly does hes job good if you want posion damaged spells go for miseri spells.

Root and anchor: this two status effect is very big roblem if you see this effects you can leave that speels because if you have anchor or root you cant move some time and later levels you need move so fast(in later levels game becomes touhou games but faster) and bosses in last level. Sadly explosion is useless because of anchor effect here some useless spells

Link:Link is way to hit more than one targets same time and also savior of shopkepeer fights but sadly only 2 spell and 1 artifact gives you this avantage WE NEED MORE LİNK SPELLS.
Uhm where i left huh link if one target have link any damage to anyone just hit linked think to(please more link effect).

Frost:Frost is pretty good for damage, usually you can get frost spells from anima spells. Shield cant block frost damage be careful at arctic world if you get three frost you lose dont, miss some frost spells

Haste:Haste can quite helpful for dodging make movement faster but you dont need haste for win

Trinity and Flow: Trinity and flow spells need some planing but if you ask me doding bullets more importent than how can i shot this spell

Usually you going to focus dodge enemy attack my advice use area-effect or guided spells here some examples

By nima

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