One Step From Eden: How to Unlock Costumes

One Step From Eden is a wonderful roguelike that revives a much-beloved combat system that hasn’t been seen since the Mega Man Battle Network games.  Here is a guide on how to unlock costumes. hope this guide will help you.


How to Unlock Costumes

Reaching the credits with a certain character will unlock their Outfit! But if you want to unlock them easily you can get specific achievements instead! (You’re probably the first to know this)

Absolute_Zero Have 0 Max Mana : HazelPriestess

Arch_Sage Have a spell from every Focus in your deck : SaffronLegacySkin

Buzzer_Beater Kill the last enemy with the Fadeaway spell : VioletteJRock

Calamity Get a Calamity spell : SaffronLea

Knife_to_a_Gunfight Kill Gunner or Shiso with a Slashfik spell : SelicyCatgirl

Not_Even_Close_Baby Win a boss fight with 1 HP : ShisoCowboy

Solo Have 1 Spell in your deck : GunnerBuccaneer

Terrable Execute Terrable : TerraDreadwyrm

The_Best_Defense Have over 9,999 Shield : RevaCyber

By EdenDev

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