Operator: Map of All Locations (Controls & Tips)

Operator is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror game.  Here is a map for you to start the game. we will add some tips and controls for you below the map. enjoy the game.


Map (All Location Label)

Note: Just an image of the map at spawn, with a bit of image editing to make it brighter and clearer.
Credit to Antartican


* There is a map at the beginning of the level near a lamp. It has the locations of where pages might be.
* The enemy cannot move while he is being looked at. However, if you look at him for too long you die.
* The map is very large, so splitting up and communicating on the radio is important.
* You start at the bottom of the map.


* Mouse — Look around
* W,A,S & D — Move
* Left Shift — Jog/Sprint
* Left Mouse Click — Pick up pages/batteries
* F or Right Mouse Click — Flashlight
* Escape — Pause/Quit
* B — Radio
* V — Local voice (when push-to-talk is set to active)
Credit to Jon54
That’s all. if you have any other problems. please let me know.

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